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Paul Hunter

Canada, 1954
Paul Hunter, an artist known for his skillful combination of traditional materials like gold leaf with more contemporary mediums such as acrylic paint, creates a body of work that is deeply inspired by nature. Through his artistic process, he translates his personal experiences and interactions with the natural world onto the canvas, employing both figurative and abstract styles. Hunter's adeptness in understanding and utilizing his materials is evident in his artistic practice. The incorporation of gold leaf and silver leaf adds a layer of visual richness and depth to his paintings, whether they depict portraits, landscapes, or pure abstraction. These materials enhance the visual impact of his artwork, infusing them with an enigmatic and elegant aura. Continual experimentation and exploration are fundamental to Hunter's artistic approach. He constantly evolves his style, offering a diverse range of subjects and alternates his color palette to evoke various moods and atmospheres. This willingness to push artistic boundaries allows him to continually challenge himself and offer viewers a fresh and engaging artistic experience. Paul Hunter's work is characterized by his profound connection with nature, his technical proficiency, and his willingness to explore different artistic possibilities. Through the harmonious combination of traditional and modern materials, he creates striking and visually captivating pieces that invite viewers to contemplate the beauty and enigma of the natural world.

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