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Alexa Novakoski is a young artist residing in the city of Miami, Florida. Interested in Fine Art since her childhood, she has been enriching her knowledge of the arts since grade school, learning the basics of diverse practices like painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, glasswork, and fiber art. Her interest and reverence for the arts grew more through her experience of world travel, with her upbringing influenced by her family’s involvement in international affairs, she was exposed to diverse cultures, human experiences, and philosophies that she has incorporated into her artistic practice. When she coursed her higher education, she devoted herself completely to painting, especially oil painting. She started with a realistic style while focusing on portraiture, but then moved away from this altogether. she found in abstraction a strong calling and means of creative freedom that allowed her to push the limits of her artistic process. Her practice also matured thanks to the influence of her mentor Gerardo Olhovich, who taught her to always outdo herself and to experiment with diverse tools, which led to breakthrough moments in her artistic path. Her process consists of first meditating, which permits for an uncluttered mind that allows for an image to come forth, to then proceed and lay it on the canvas. She distinctly chooses her colors, which she personally elaborates by mixing her preferred pigments with linseed oil, and then works slowly in layers, letting each dry to continue with the next application. Novakoski believes in living in the present, allowing for the changes that present themselves at the moment partake into her work; Novakoski lets the work itself converse with her to arrive at the point of gestalt, a sense of a balanced whole, an element that is evident in all her works.

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