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Alexa Novakoski

Alexa Novakoski, a talented young artist based in Miami, Florida, has nurtured her passion for Fine Art since her early years. With a lifelong dedication to learning and exploring diverse artistic practices, Novakoski has developed a well-rounded skill set, encompassing painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, glasswork, and fiber art. Her artistic journey has been deeply influenced by her family's involvement in international affairs, exposing her to diverse cultures, human experiences, and philosophies that have profoundly shaped her artistic practice. During her higher education, Novakoski devoted herself wholeheartedly to painting, with a particular focus on oil painting. Initially drawn to realism and portraiture, she eventually discovered a strong calling in abstraction. Embracing this creative freedom, Novakoski found the means to push the boundaries of her artistic process and explore new realms of expression. Her artistic growth was further nurtured by her mentor Gerardo Olhovich, whose guidance encouraged her to continuously surpass herself and experiment with various tools, leading to breakthrough moments in her artistic journey. In her artistic process, Novakoski begins with meditation, allowing her mind to clear and create space for an image to emerge. Once she has a clear vision, she transfers it onto the canvas. Carefully selecting and mixing her preferred pigments with linseed oil, she creates her own distinct colors. Working slowly in layers, allowing each one to dry before moving on to the next application, Novakoski patiently builds up her compositions. Embracing the philosophy of living in the present moment, she allows for unexpected changes and spontaneous elements to influence her work. Novakoski engages in a dialogue with the artwork itself, striving to achieve a sense of gestalt—a harmonious balance and a feeling of completeness that is evident in all her creations. Alexa Novakoski's artistic practice reflects her unwavering dedication to continuous growth and exploration. Drawing inspiration from her global experiences and diverse cultural influences, she embraces abstraction as a means of creative liberation. With each stroke, layer, and color choice, Novakoski strives to create works that evoke a sense of balance, inviting viewers to connect with the present moment and appreciate the evolving conversation within her art.



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