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Discover your perfect artwork effortlessly with The Americas Collection’s Art Advisors. Take our quiz and receive personalized recommendations from our experts. We’ll even digitally mount the artworks on your wall, so you can visualize their beauty in your space. Say goodbye to endless searching – we’ll do it for you, for free!

Calling all designers! Learn about exclusive perks and benefits with Art Advisory for the Trade. Let us empower your creative process and expand your artistic repertoire.

Make art-buying a seamless and enjoyable experience with The Americas Collection’s Art Advisors. Find your perfect piece today!

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Art Advisory

Embark on a Journey to Discover Your Artistic Taste

Step 1: Take Our Interactive Quiz

  • Personalized Experience: Start your art adventure by taking a short, engaging quiz. Designed to understand your preferences, style, and space requirements, our quiz is the first step in tailoring our recommendations just for you.
  • Expert Insight: As you answer each question, our team of seasoned art advisors analyzes your responses, harnessing their deep knowledge of art styles, historical periods, and current trends.

Step 2: Receive Curated Art Recommendations

  • Tailored Selections: Based on your quiz responses, our experts will handpick a collection of artworks that align with your taste and aesthetic preferences. Whether you lean towards contemporary abstracts, classic landscapes, or vibrant street art, we ensure our selections resonate with you.
  • Detailed Explanations: Along with each artwork, you’ll receive an explanation of why it was chosen for you, including insights into the artist’s background, the piece’s history, and how it might complement your existing decor.

Step 3: Digital Visualization in Your Space

  • See Art in Your World: The unique feature of our service is the ability to digitally mount selected artworks in your space. Using advanced visualization technology, we’ll provide you with images showing how each piece would look on your walls, helping you to envision the art in your home or office.
  • Adjust and Experiment: You can request adjustments to the placement, scale, or selection of the artworks. This interactive process ensures that the final choice feels right in your space, both aesthetically and emotionally.

Step 4: Make an Informed Decision

  • No Pressure, Just Support: With all this information and visualization, you can make a decision at your own pace. Our art advisors are here to provide further guidance, answer questions, and offer professional insights to help you make an informed choice.
  • A Seamless Journey to Art Ownership: Once you’ve selected your perfect piece, we’ll guide you through the purchase process, making it seamless and hassle-free. Our goal is to transform art buying into an enjoyable and enlightening experience, culminating in the joy of owning a piece that truly speaks to you.
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Handpicked Artwork Recommendations for You!

Discover your ideal artwork with our personalized quiz, expertly tailored to match your style and space. Our art advisors will select pieces that resonate with your taste, providing detailed insights into each artwork. Experience the unique feature of digitally visualizing these artworks in your own space, allowing you to see how each piece complements your environment. This interactive process helps you make an informed decision with ease. With our guidance and advanced visualization tools, finding the perfect piece of art becomes a seamless and enjoyable journey, transforming the way you experience art buying.

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