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Ramiro Lacayo is a prolific and multifaceted artist. He possesses a long list of achievements and has become an important cultural asset in Nicaragua’s recent history. He was director of INCINE (Nicaraguan Institute of Film) and has created short films as well as documentaries. He has authored three books and later in his life dedicated his time to painting. His work is heavily influenced by the Abstract Expressionist of the New York School, as he notes: “… despite the time and distance that separated me from the abstract expressionists, we both were equally confronted by a world that is disintegrating…I wanted to express all this uncertainty in a way that, rather than dramatic, unleashed a burst of color and spontaneity.” His works contain heavy impastos and gut-wrenching brushstrokes, thus achieving the perfect representation of his struggles with the current history of his native country and the world. He has exhibited in The Honduras Origins Gallery, Cultural Center Site in Antigua, Guatemala, and The Art Museum of El Salvador (MARTE). Lacayo is currently being represented by Opera Gallery and The Americas Collection. In 2011 and 2012, Lacayo had an important show called “Conversations with Abstract Expressionism” at the Ortiz Gurdian Foundation Art Center in Managua and at The Americas Collection art gallery in Coral Gables, Florida.

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