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Hector Toledo is an abstract artist whose work, at first glance, may appear disconnected from the representation of the natural world. However, upon closer observation, viewers will discover landscapes infused with symbolic elements that reflect current global situations. Toledo's artwork often depicts imaginary landscapes adorned with small crosses and other marks that serve as symbolic representations of places, people, or objects. While his work explores the theme of overpopulation, he approaches it in a positive manner, emphasizing the interconnectedness of human relationships, conditions, and experiences. One particular aspect that holds personal significance for the artist is the sacrifice and support of his mother. He incorporates the theme of maternal love through the presence of flowers in his work, symbolizing her nurturing role. Additionally, Toledo includes pieces of fabric in his artwork, referencing his mother's occupation as a seamstress and further honoring her influence on his life. Through his abstract landscapes, Toledo aims to engage viewers in a dialogue about pressing global issues and the intricate dynamics of human connections. The symbolic elements embedded within his compositions invite contemplation and reflection, encouraging viewers to consider their own roles within the broader context of the world. Toledo's art is a testament to his unique perspective and artistic expression. By merging abstract forms with symbolic references, he invites viewers to delve into complex themes and encourages them to reflect on their own place in the world. Through his work, Toledo encourages a deeper understanding of the challenges and beauty inherent in the human experience.

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