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Lawyer turned artist, Norlan Santana creates large canvases which express his understanding of the world in an abstract style. He uses the technique of action painting to create these colorful paintings which reflect on Santana’s preoccupation with spirituality, nature, hope, faith, and love. Colorful and full of textures, his paintings portray the artist’s interpretation of the soul, nature, and his Latin American roots. He mixes different materials such as acrylic and oil paint and others like gold leaf and graphite. A recurrent motif in his work is the stark contrast created by black spots or lines, which according to the artist, function as the depiction of the soul. "Con-Memoria" Modern Art Museum Carlos Mérida (Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2013), "Love and Pain" Fundación Rosas Botrán Gallery (Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, 2013), "Time and Eternity", The Americas Collection Gallery (Miami, Florida, 2014), and in 2016 had a group exhibition titled “Central American and Caribbean Masters”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Panamá.

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