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Elena Rato, a multidisciplinary artist, skillfully combines a variety of materials and media to create artworks that command attention within their surroundings. Having studied visual arts, Rato consciously integrated graphic design into her artistic practice, adding an extra layer of visual communication to her creations. One of Rato's most notable bodies of work features intricate black "marañas" (webs) that sprawl across her paintings, extending onto the surrounding walls or spaces where they are exhibited. These marañas are digitally designed and then printed on adhesive vinyl, seamlessly integrating them into her paintings. This unconventional technique liberates the artwork from the traditional confines of canvas, stretchers, or frames, allowing it to flow freely and transcend its physical boundaries. Through the incorporation of marañas, Rato symbolizes her creative fluidity and the continual evolution of her artistic practice, both aesthetically and conceptually. The presence of these webs suggests expansion and interconnectedness, as if the artwork itself is organically branching out into the environment. This dynamic interaction between the artwork and its surroundings creates an immersive experience for viewers, blurring the boundaries between the artwork and the space it occupies. Elena Rato's exploration of diverse materials and media demonstrates her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring new avenues of expression. By incorporating digital design and adhesive vinyl, she breaks free from traditional constraints, emphasizing the fluidity of her creative process. Through her innovative approach, Rato invites viewers to contemplate the ever-changing nature of art and its capacity to extend beyond conventional limits.

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