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Ana Vanessa Urvina is a Venezuelan artist living in the city of Miami, Florida. With an innate attraction to color and shapes, Urvina started to plunge herself into the arts when she was a small child. She decided at a very young age that she would pursue art as a career and started to cultivate a path towards her goal. She coursed her higher education at the Universidad Central of Venezuela and then she continued her grad studies at the Politecnico de Valencia in Spain, acquiring a master’s degree in Artistic Production. She procured to have a well-rounded education in diverse artistic practices, where she acquired knowledge in the areas of painting, drawing, pRINTING, AND DIVERSE TECHNIQUES ON PAPER. She later moved on to teaching, first at the Universidad Central of Venezuela, and then at Universidad Catolica, for a total of eight years. In the period after her master’s degree and work as a professor, Urvina begins to turn her artistic practice into her professional one, leading her to create a series of works inspired mainly by the natural surroundings of her home country of Venezuela, the tropics, and the Caribbean. Urbina's work is filled with natural motifs that are reminiscent of the abundant flora of the Caribbean region. Her color palette is also informed by the environment in which she resides, and something that has recently influenced her work has been her residing currently in the city of Miami, where she has lived for approximately two years. With a natural landscape that is quite different from mountainous Venezuela, Urvina has seen in Miami the impact of its light, “a light that touches everything.” With this “rediscovering of light, her color palette has changed from dense and opaque colors to one more vibrant and lighter, packed with colors, where blue, pinks and yellows convey the colors of the Miamian Sky and its natural environment.

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