Quebrar la Pintura: Elena Rato’s Innovative Fusion of Digital and Traditional Art

Alex Perez
February 20, 2023

The exhibition “Quebrar la pintura” by Elena Rato, held at the Casa Municipal de Cultura de La Pola Siero, showcases the evolution and breadth of Rato’s artistic journey from 2017 to the present. This particular exhibition holds sentimental value for Rato, as she was awarded the Premio del Certamen Nacional de Pintura Contemporánea “Casimiro Baragaño” in 2005.

Exhibition Overview

Embracing Space and Environment

Rato’s works are tailored to the exhibition space, creating a cohesive and integrated experience. Her approach to painting is dynamic and expansive, breaking conventional boundaries. The exhibit features a mix of large formats with expressive strokes alongside smaller, detailed pieces, drawing inspiration from Japanese prints and comic spontaneity.

The Concept of Multiplicity

Rato explores the concept of multiplicity in her work, using graphic procedures to replicate images and gestures through painting techniques, as seen in her series “Las seriaciones de la diferencia.”

Methodology and Technique

Rato’s creative process involves action painting enriched with sketches, drawings, and digital techniques. Her work varies from intuitive and immediate action paintings on paper to more thoughtful acrylics on canvas. She employs a process of vectorization and digital transformation, returning these digital elements to the physical realm through vinyl patterns.

Color and Composition

Rato’s use of color is distinctive, mainly her empowered pink and pop-rooted yellow, evident in her “Reluctante” series. Her works often feature flat, bordered colors, with black gaining prominence in recent years.

Figurative Substrates and Layering

Some of Rato’s works hint at figurative elements that blend or blur into the background, as seen in the “Lautrec y yo” series. Her layering process highlights the various stages of creation, revealing the creative journey through irregular tearing and other effects.

Harmonious Pairing and Conceptual Unity

The exhibition showcases Rato’s works in pairs or groups, achieving a balance between organic and rational elements and between free gesturalism and controlled precision.

Reflecting on Painting’s Evolution

Rato’s pieces prompt reflection on the hidden aspects of traditional painting. Her work investigates and transcends traditional artistic processes and materials, evolving from visceral expressionism to a more serene and essential focus.

Exhibition Details

  • Location: Casa de Cultura de Pola Siero, C/ Alcalde Parrondo 30, Pola Siero
  • Duration: Until March 4

Elena Rato’s “Quebrar la pintura” is a profound exploration of contemporary painting, breaking boundaries and inviting viewers into a world where the canvas, color, and form converge uniquely and creatively.

For more details on Elena Rato and her works, visit her artist page here.

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