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Connie Lloveras

Cuba/U.S., 1958
Connie Lloveras, a Cuban-born artist raised in America, is known for her art that is rich in symbolic elements. Drawing inspiration from the imagery and objects that surround us in our daily lives, whether they are natural or manmade, Lloveras removes their original meaning and context. Through a process of decontextualization, she meticulously juxtaposes these elements in her compositions, inviting her audience to bring their own interpretations and understanding to her work. Aesthetically, Lloveras's art is characterized by its highly textured nature. Her canvases are built up with multiple layers of paint, which she skillfully incises using brushes or palette knives, creating raised edges that often encompass her subjects. This technique adds depth and dimension to her artwork, enhancing the tactile experience for the viewer. Among the recurring symbols in Lloveras's art, we often find birds, boats, and seeds. Each of these symbols carries its own inherent meanings and metaphors, inviting viewers to reflect on themes of freedom, journey, growth, and transformation. Through the careful arrangement of these symbols within her compositions, Lloveras weaves narratives that transcend the literal and tap into the universal human experience. Lloveras's artistic talent has gained recognition, and her works have been acquired by prestigious institutions such as El Museo del Barrio in New York, Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, the Cuban Museum in Miami, and Confort and Miguel Gaspar in Barcelona, among many others. These acquisitions are a testament to the enduring appeal and significance of her art. Connie Lloveras's art captivates viewers with its rich symbolism, layered textures, and thought-provoking compositions. Her ability to transform everyday objects into profound metaphors invites audiences to engage in a dialogue with her artwork, deciphering the embedded meanings and finding personal connections within her intricate visual narratives.



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