Gioconda Rojas

Costa Rica, 1967
Gioconda Rojas

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Gioconda Rojas, an artist known for her abstract compositions, has undergone a stylistic shift in her recent series of paintings, embracing a form of minimalist abstraction. Her earlier work focused on creating abstract settings that juxtaposed figures, ideas, and words to create striking contrasts. However, her current artistic explorations delve into the realm of minimalist abstraction. Driven by a quest for truth, Rojas imbues her creative process with a sense of purpose and intention. This is evident in the elements she incorporates into her artwork. Dominated by a serene white palette, her paintings evoke a reflective silence, inviting viewers to contemplate and explore. Within the stillness, Rojas introduces a single streak of color, injecting vibrancy into the composition without sacrificing its overall harmony. It is through this deliberate use of color and space that Rojas conveys her personal journey and seeks to connect with her audience. Rojas's canvases have become a medium through which she communicates her innermost thoughts and emotions. By incorporating carefully chosen words and symbols, she shares her personal search for truth, inviting viewers to join her in this contemplative exploration. The minimalist abstraction in her work allows for a distilled expression of ideas, inviting viewers to engage in their own interpretation and reflection. Through her artistic practice, Gioconda Rojas invites us to embrace silence, introspection, and the power of simplicity. Her paintings serve as a visual representation of her inner world, creating a space for dialogue and connection with her audience. As she continues her artistic journey, Rojas's exploration of minimalist abstraction deepens, offering new avenues for contemplation and connection.

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