Mauricio Contreras Paredes

Guatemala, 1991
Mauricio Conteras Paredes





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Mauricio Contreras Paredes

Guatemala, 1991
Mauricio Contreras, a talented young artist from Guatemala, pursued a dual degree in Anthropology and Visual Arts at the University of Toronto. His artistic focus lies in the creation of captivating artwork that captures imaginary architectural structures and explores the unseen spaces that elude the human eye. Contreras's artistic journey began with drawing inspiration from memory, but he has since discovered that his true passion lies in envisioning the future. His artwork is characterized by the depiction of architectural compositions that exist only in his imagination. Using flat planes of color, Contreras creates these structures with meticulous precision, presenting them in an almost mechanical manner. This deliberate approach is driven by his fascination with the flawless image presentation that machines can achieve, surpassing the limitations of human perception. In addition to his two-dimensional works, Contreras has expanded his artistic exploration into new fields such as murals and installations. This expansion allows him to further engage with the interaction between his imaginary architectural forms and physical space. Continuously reinventing his artistic practice, Contreras embraces growth and evolution as he seeks new ways to express his artistic vision. Contreras's artwork invites viewers to contemplate unseen realms and delve into the possibilities of unperceived architectural spaces. By capturing the essence of these hidden structures, he encourages us to imagine alternative realities and consider the potential of the future. His unique blend of anthropology and visual arts brings a distinctive perspective to his work, sparking curiosity and challenging our perceptions of the world around us. As a young artist dedicated to his craft, Mauricio Contreras exemplifies the spirit of continuous exploration and reinvention. His commitment to capturing the unseen and his willingness to embrace new mediums reflect his passion for artistic growth and innovation. Through his imaginative creations, Contreras invites us to venture into the realm of the unknown and contemplate the boundless possibilities that lie beyond our immediate perception.



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