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Mario Kon

Mario Kon, an artist who works primarily with wood, showcases his mastery in creating wall pieces that exude movement, texture, and depth. With a keen focus on form, line, and the passage of time, Kon's artworks are a harmonious blend of geometric motifs and organic shapes. Wood serves as the perfect medium for Kon to explore the possibilities of texture. He adeptly plays with contrasting textures, alternating between smooth and gritty surfaces, to create visually captivating compositions. In some of his pieces, Kon employs carving techniques to bring intricate details to life, while in others, he builds outward into space, adding dimensionality to his artwork. Kon's artistic vision extends beyond traditional formats. While he incorporates classic designs such as landscapes, he also embraces irregular and unconventional shapes, further enhancing the uniqueness and allure of his works. Each piece is meticulously crafted, showcasing Kon's skillful manipulation of wood and his ability to create engaging visual experiences. Through his wall pieces, Mario Kon invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where form, line, and texture coalesce to convey a sense of movement and depth. His exploration of geometric motifs and organic shapes adds a dynamic quality to his artworks, evoking a visual language that resonates with viewers. Kon's ability to harness the inherent qualities of wood and his artistic versatility make his works highly sought after and truly captivating in their field.



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