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Carolina Cerverizzo

Argentina, 1950
Carolina Cerverizo is an artist whose work resides within the realm of geometric abstraction. She employs a minimalist approach, utilizing an airbrush as her primary tool instead of traditional brushes. This technique contributes to the distinctive mechanical and highly stylized appearance evident in her pieces. Through this method, Cerverizo purposefully removes the direct presence of the artist's hand from the artwork, resulting in images that seem to exist autonomously, independent of human intervention. The airbrush technique employed by Cerverizo imbues her work with precision and a sleek aesthetic. The controlled application of paint allows for crisp lines, smooth gradients, and sharp edges, resulting in a distinct mechanical quality. This deliberate detachment from traditional brushwork emphasizes the purity of geometric forms, enhancing the visual impact of her compositions. By removing the visible traces of the artist's hand, Cerverizo creates a sense of anonymity within her artwork. The absence of recognizable brushstrokes or manual gestures fosters a perception that the images stand on their own, untouched by the artist's personal presence. This intentional detachment from the artist's identity encourages viewers to engage directly with the composition, exploring its inherent qualities and allowing the artwork to speak for itself. Carolina Cerverizo's minimalist and mechanically-inspired approach to geometric abstraction offers a unique perspective on the interplay between art and artist. Through her masterful use of the airbrush technique, she crafts visually striking compositions that possess a self-contained and independent existence. Her work invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of geometric forms, encouraging contemplation and engagement with the inherent qualities of the artwork itself.

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