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Liliana Golubinsky's artworks present viewers with captivating landscapes filled with human figures and objects, engaging them in a series of thought-provoking events. Her creative process involves a combination of drawing and painting, utilizing oil sticks to meticulously depict her figures on linen canvases. Through the manipulation of materials with her brushes, Golubinsky brings her compositions to life. Drawing inspiration from historical events such as the conquest of the Americas, as well as contemporary struggles faced by societies and governments, Golubinsky weaves intricate narratives within her artwork. She also explores scenes of leisure, fables, and the complexities of the human condition, all of which influence our daily relationships. Her storytelling takes on a non-traditional approach, allowing viewers to begin their visual journey from any point in the scene and continue following their eyes wherever they lead. Golubinsky has established herself through numerous solo exhibitions in her home country, including the esteemed Gallery Rubbers. Her talent and distinctive artistic style have also earned her a place in various international group exhibitions. Recent showcases of her work include the Park Hyatt and Paseo de las Artes Duhau in Buenos Aires in 2018, as well as exhibitions at Rubbers Gallery in Buenos Aires in the same year and Kreisler Gallery in Madrid in 2017. Through her thought-provoking compositions and innovative storytelling approach, Liliana Golubinsky invites viewers to delve into the rich narratives and visual tapestries she creates. Her unique blend of drawing and painting techniques captures the complexities of historical and contemporary events, stimulating contemplation and inviting audiences to explore her artwork from their own perspective.

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