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Karine Boulanger, an artist with a diverse range of influences, draws inspiration from her upbringing and artistic education. Growing up with parents who were involved in the arts, she was immersed in the world of galleries and museums from an early age. It was during her twenties that she made the decision to pursue art as a profession, embarking on a journey of exploration and learning. Boulanger's artistic journey took her to Bolivia, where she studied under the guidance of Gonzalo Rodriguez. This experience provided her with a unique perspective and further enriched her artistic practice. She then returned to France to continue her studies at the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, where she had the opportunity to learn from Leonardo Cremonini, further expanding her artistic repertoire. Influenced by a variety of artistic styles, Boulanger's work reflects elements of the baroque, Byzantine art, and figurative traditions. Her approach to rendering the real world takes on an abstract quality, as she explores the interplay between materials and techniques. Utilizing a mixture of oil paint, gold leaf, and silver leaf, her artworks come to life with texture and a captivating play of light. The incorporation of gold and silver leaf into Boulanger's works adds a touch of opulence and luminosity, evoking a sense of the divine and spiritual. This infusion of precious metals enhances the visual impact of her pieces and adds depth to the overall composition. Through her artistic choices and techniques, Boulanger creates a harmonious balance between tradition and contemporary expression. Karine Boulanger's artistic practice encompasses a fusion of influences and a mastery of materials. Her works invite viewers to contemplate the interplay of light, texture, and form, creating a visual experience that engages the senses and evokes emotional responses. With each artwork, Boulanger demonstrates her ability to transcend the boundaries of realism, offering a unique perspective that combines tradition and innovation.

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