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Liv Dockerty is an Abstract Realist painter hailing from Miami, where she grew up immersed in an artistic environment as the daughter of art collectors. Her early exposure to the world's finest museums and galleries fueled her passion for art and shaped her artistic journey. With an unwavering belief in her capabilities and dreams for the future, Dockerty pursued a career in art by attending the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City. There, she honed her skills and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, receiving a comprehensive education in various aspects of arts and design. Returning to Miami, she established her own home studio and devoted herself to painting. Initially, Dockerty delved into the creation of a series of vibrant and colorful abstract paintings inspired by natural elements of the sky. Over time, her artistic vision evolved, leading her to a more profound exploration of the sky, specifically focusing on the captivating nature of clouds and their ever-changing colors. In her current body of work, Dockerty combines elements of abstraction and realism, resulting in a unique hybrid style. Her cloud paintings, while more recognizable, retain her distinctive painterly approach, enhanced by the use of interference paints that interact with light and transform colors as one moves from different angles. The shapes, colors, and composition in her artwork reflect her creative interpretation of the clouds she encounters in her daily life. Dockerty's cloud canvases capture the diverse and special colors found in the Miami sky. In her most recent series, Dockerty explores different times of the day through two distinct bodies of work: the Moonlight Series and the Sunrise Series. The Moonlight Series portrays moonlit clouds against a nighttime sky, characterized by gray and cool shades that permeate the volumes of the clouds. On the other hand, the Sunrise Series encompasses a broader spectrum of colors, transitioning from soft pinks to vibrant oranges and blues, arranged in a visually pleasing composition. Liv Dockerty's art is a testament to her passion, creativity, and keen observation of the sky's beauty. Through her abstract realist approach, she invites viewers to experience the ethereal and ever-changing nature of clouds, capturing the essence of Miami's sky in her distinctive and captivating style.

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