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May 12, 2023 6:00 pm



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Embarking on the artist’s journey takes on a fiery passion…
A passion that uncovers beauty in the ordinary, gives voice to the silent and illustrates unseen perspectives through the unique prism of the Artist’s Vision.
This passion has been the guiding light for Liv Dockerty, illuminating her remarkable trajectory in the realm of art.
Nurtured in a cradle of artistic influences, Dockerty’s early life was the fertile ground where her aspiration to be a professional artist took root.
Throughout her artistic evolution, her reverence for a single, ethereal muse has remained unwavering: the Clouds.
As Dockerty’s personal style matured, her willingness to push boundaries and experiment with various mediums, dimensions, and color palettes has been a testament to her versatility. Her creations are a tribute to the everyday miracles playing out in the sky above us, often overlooked in our busy lives.
Dockerty’s artistry evokes a spectrum of emotions, primarily a tranquil admiration. Her works harmoniously infuse our spaces with alluring awe, reminding us of the forgotten splendor that resides in the everyday.
In her exhibition, “Atmospheric,” Liv Dockerty beckons us to join her in a moment of stillness, to gaze skyward, and to immerse ourselves in the spectacular dance of the clouds. Experience the tranquility, embrace the awe, and let her art fill your space with the frequently overlooked magnificence of our world.

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