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Determined from the beginning of his career to pave his way by his means, Felix Angel has created an immense body of works that reflect his energy and character. With unwavering passion and a commitment to his artistic vision, Felix Angel has become a prolific artist, captivating art enthusiasts worldwide.

For many years now, The Americas Collection has represented the work of Felix Angel, recognizing his exceptional talent and the captivating allure of his creations. It is with great joy that they announce their newest collaboration: a set of ten limited-edition serigraphs. These prints, meticulously crafted by Felix Angel himself, serve as a testament to his artistic brilliance and provide a unique opportunity for art connoisseurs and collectors alike.

The Americas Collection cordially invites you to join them for the first showcasing of these captivating printed works. This exclusive event will not only unveil the limited-edition serigraphs but also offer a glimpse into Felix Angel’s creative evolution through a small retrospective of his other notable works. It is a celebration of his artistic journey and a testament to his profound impact on the art world.

As you enter the exhibition space, you will be transported into Felix Angel’s vibrant artistic world. The serigraphs, arranged in a carefully curated display, will immerse you in a visual narrative that showcases his mastery of form, color, and emotion. Each print represents a profound exploration of his artistic expression, inviting you to delve deeper into the stories and messages he seeks to convey.

Moreover, the retrospective section of the exhibition will provide an opportunity to witness the artistic evolution of Felix Angel over the years. From his early breakthroughs to his most recent triumphs, you will witness the growth of an artist who constantly pushes the boundaries of his craft. This retrospective is a tribute to Felix Angel’s relentless pursuit of excellence and offers a comprehensive view of his artistic achievements.

Join The Americas Collection as they celebrate Felix Angel’s artistry and creative spirit. Discover the limited-edition serigraphs that embody his vision, and explore the retrospective to gain a deeper understanding of his artistic journey. This event is a unique opportunity to experience the genius of Felix Angel firsthand and to become a part of his artistic legacy.



March 3, 2023 6:00 pm



Use this digital catalogue during your visit, to learn more about this exhibition’s artists and artworks.


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