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Perhaps you are hesitant about looking into limited-edition prints due to the fragile nature that is usually associated with works on paper. However, we want you to take a closer look at the components that make up our limited-edition prints, so that you may see that you will in fact be making an investment into a piece of art that will live a long life.

The Paper

Important for the duration and well conservation of our prints, we use 100% cotton paper. Different from wood fiber paper, cotton paper is more durable:

“When cotton fibers are beaten to a pulp, they tend to fray and create hundreds of tiny fibrils. When matted together with water, they interlock creating a uniform surface with great strength and flexibility.” (Taken from Strathmore website)

Thus, given its natural properties, wood fiber allows for a longer, more resilient life for the ink used in the prints.


The Ink

Archival quality ink is used to produce our serigraphs. These are more resistant to external factors such as light, dirt, and time; the serigraphs will age gracefully not losing the vibrancy of the colors, nor giving in to cracking as time passes by.


The Master Printer

Finally, our master printer is perhaps the most important part of this process. Despite having the best materials for the creation of our limited-edition prints, if the person behind their production lacked skill and knowledge on the matter, then it would all go to waste. We boast a skilled master printer with experience spanning over thirty years, who has aided in the production of all our serigraphs, in which you’ll witness the attention to detail and magnificent use of color.

If you have not yet visited our graphics site, we invite you to do so. We have a selection of over one hundred serigraphs out of which surely you will find something to your liking.

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