The Meaning in Colors: Part 2

Dora Aguero
November 8, 2021

Exploring the Symbolism of Secondary Colors in Art

Color holds a captivating and straightforward method for artists to express emotions and concepts within their work. When collectors peruse art exhibitions, they are naturally drawn to pieces that resonate with them. In this continuation of exploring the symbolism of color in art, let’s focus on the meanings provided by secondary colors.

Orange: Joy, Fascination, and Vibrancy

Orange embodies a high level of joy and happiness. It exudes fascination, determination, and encouragement. The citrus hue brings a tropical feel to paintings, evoking the warmth of a sunset and the vibrancy of life itself. When orange is present in a work, it ignites a sense of energy and excitement.

The Meaning In Colors: Part 2

Green: Nature, Healing, and Calm

Green, most commonly associated with the color of nature and the earth, evokes images of grassy meadows and trees swaying in the summer breeze. It possesses a great healing element and has a calming effect on viewers. Green invites relaxation and tranquility, allowing one to connect with the natural world. However, green can also be used to create a sensation of decay and disgust, depending on the context and tones employed.

The Meaning In Colors: Part 2

Purple: Royalty, Wonder, and Mystery

Purple, often associated with royalty, combines the stability and regal qualities of blue with the energetic characteristics of red. It represents extravagance and magic, carrying a sense of wonder and curiosity. Purple is often used to create an aura of the occult and mystery. It invites viewers to delve into the unknown and embrace the supernatural.

These examples merely scratch the surface of the meaning behind certain colors. Artists have the ability to manipulate colors to evoke a wide range of emotions and convey diverse messages, even within the same color palettes. Understanding the symbolism of color is a valuable starting point when seeking artwork that expresses specific ideas or emotions.

If you require further information or assistance in exploring the meaning of colors in art, The Americas Collection is here to help. We are dedicated to providing guidance and expertise to art enthusiasts. Our knowledgeable team will be more than glad to assist you in finding artwork that resonates with your preferences and conveys the desired meanings.

The Meaning In Colors: Part 2

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