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Lorenza Panero

Lorenza Panero, a multidisciplinary artist, has devoted a significant portion of her career to capturing ephemeral and abstract images through her luminographies. These unique artworks serve as a medium for portraying the ever-changing and transient aspects of the world around us. Panero's luminographies function in a manner similar to monotypes, although they are created directly on photosensitive paper. The process involves an intricate interaction of objects within a darkroom, where they are brought into contact with the photosensitive material. To achieve the final result, a series of up to 12 chemical emulsions are applied. This meticulous process yields captivating and ethereal images that embody the essence of mutability. Unfortunately, the production of Panero's luminographies has been discontinued due to the discontinuation of Cibachrome paper by the manufacturer. As a result, these works have become even more precious and unique, existing as a testament to a particular era in the artist's practice. Lorenza Panero's luminographies offer viewers a glimpse into a realm of fleeting beauty and intangible forms. Through her intricate and meticulous process, she captures the essence of change and impermanence, creating images that evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation. While the production of her luminographies may have ceased, their existence serves as a reminder of the artist's dedication to capturing the ephemeral nature of our world.

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