Ilse Ortiz de Manzanares

Ilse Ortiz De Manzanares





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Ilse Ortiz de Manzanares

Ilse Ortiz de Manzanares has centered her artistic practice around the exploration of metals and their inherent fragility. Through painting, she has developed a series titled "Wounded Solids" where she portrays heavy metals in a vulnerable state, shattered and broken. This artistic approach serves as a metaphor for the fragile nature of life itself. It reminds viewers that despite the perception of security and stability, life can be easily lost or damaged at any given moment. In her more recent work, Ortiz de Manzanares has expanded her artistic repertoire to include sculpture. She creates both large and voluminous pieces as well as minimalistic and geometric forms. These sculptures are infused with rich symbolism that reflects the artist's interpretation of the world and spirituality. Through her exploration of metals and their fragility, Ortiz de Manzanares prompts viewers to contemplate the transient nature of existence and the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability. Her artworks serve as visual reminders of the impermanence of life and the need to cherish and appreciate each moment. By venturing into sculpture, Ortiz de Manzanares expands her artistic language, offering new avenues for self-expression and deeper exploration of her thematic interests. Her sculptures invite viewers to engage with three-dimensional forms that convey profound meaning and provoke introspection. Through her painting and sculpture, Ilse Ortiz de Manzanares invites audiences to reflect on the fragile yet resilient nature of existence, urging us to value and protect the precious aspects of life that can so easily be taken for granted.



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