Elena Rato: Beyond the Canvas

Dora Aguero
May 27, 2024

The art world is a realm of boundless exploration, and Spanish artist Elena Rato (born in Noreña, 1979) stands at its forefront, wielding her brush to unveil enigmatic worlds of abstraction. Through her captivating creations, Rato invites viewers to embark on a profound journey, inviting viewers to ook beyond the canvas to admire her artistic process.

Rato’s work can be described as a fascination with form and expression, where through traditional and digital processes are the means by which her artistic production is carried out.  

A Palette of Emotions: Exploring Color and Composition

Central to Rato’s artistic vision is her meticulous selection of colors, each imbued with its own emotional resonance. She masterfully manipulates blacks, which is the color chosen to represent her maranas; yellows because they tend to add a zest of Pop!, and pinks to evoke a spectrum of feelings, from tender sweetness and femininity to make a statement about her thoughts on the current art scene about women artists. Through her work, Rato challenges conventional notions of femininity and love, infusing her works with a potent blend of depth and defiance.

Elena Rato’s Artistic Process

Rato’s approach to painting transcends traditional boundaries, blurring the lines between abstraction and figuration. Her works, laden with poetic titles and layered compositions, beckon viewers to explore the interplay of form and texture. She is inspired by the works of the Abstract Expressionists, yet since her approach is digital at the moment of creating her pieces, she doesn’t apply the paint but simulates it through a vectorization process of her sketches which is later translated into vinyl.

Yet, each form serves as a conduit for emotional expression, as Rato navigates the complexities of human experience and the limits of both materials and support.

Beyond the Canvas

For Rato, art is not confined to the canvas; it is a living, breathing entity that transcends physical constraints. Through her installations and expanded paintings, she challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions of space and dimensionality. By liberating the canvas from its frame or juxtaposing works in unconventional pairings, Rato invites us to engage in a dialogue that extends beyond the confines of traditional artistic discourse.

Through her art, Elena Rato inspires us to  venture into uncharted territory, and to discover new realms of possibility. Through her bold experimentation and unwavering dedication to her craft, she challenges us to see the world through a new lens, to embrace the beauty of ambiguity, and to revel in the infinite possibilities of artistic exploration.

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