Framing: A Tale of Glass and Acrylic

Dora Aguero
February 23, 2024

Embarking on this series, we aim to equip you with valuable insights for selecting the ideal framing options for your artwork. Whether it’s glass, acrylic, frames, matting, or more, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the framing choices available here at The Americas Collection.

To begin, let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of both glass and acrylic, essential considerations in framing:


Clarity stands as a pivotal factor for clients deliberating between glass and acrylic. Glass, inherently, offers superior clarity compared to acrylic, although certain high-quality acrylic sheets strive to match it.

How does this impact art? Optimal clarity enhances the vibrancy of the artwork.

UV Protection

Both glass and acrylic boast commendable UV protection, with levels reaching up to 99%. This protection is crucial as UV rays pose a significant threat to the longevity of artwork, causing pigment deterioration and damage to the support.

Why is UV protection vital? Particularly for valuable pieces, safeguarding against UV exposure is paramount.

Longevity and Safety

Acrylic emerges as the more resilient option, impervious to shattering upon impact, making it preferable for environments frequented by children or high-traffic public spaces like offices. Additionally, its lighter weight facilitates easier transportation. However, acrylic is prone to scratches and dust accumulation, unlike glass, which remains relatively scratch-free.

In the long term, maintaining acrylic can be labor-intensive due to its susceptibility to scratches. Cleaning requires a delicate touch with water and a microfiber towel or a gentle duster. In contrast, glass offers greater durability, requiring only cautious cleaning to prevent damage.


Acrylic tends to carry a higher price tag, particularly for museum-quality standards. Nonetheless, its longevity and specific use cases can render it a cost-effective choice over time.

We trust this information aids you in selecting framing options tailored to your needs. Should you require further guidance, we’re here to assist you in navigating the array of choices available.

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