Inscrutable: Unraveling the Mind of Alberto Pancorbo

Dora Aguero
June 10, 2024

The exhibition “Inscrutable,” held at the Americas Collection, showcases the mesmerizing works of surrealist artist Alberto Pancorbo. Known for his intricate and thought-provoking creations, Pancorbo delves into the enigmatic nature of existence, using his art to reflect on the complex world around him. This collection of paintings offers a visual feast of surreal imagery and provides profound insights into the artist’s mind. Each piece in “Inscrutable” is a window into Pancorbo’s contemplations, capturing the essence of his musings on life’s mysteries. The following texts explore the meanings behind some of the key works in the exhibition, offering a deeper understanding of the themes and ideas that drive Pancorbo’s artistic vision.

The artist provided the following explanations, providing an accurate view of some of his works and what laid the foundation for their creation.

El Canto del Loco

Painted during the Covid pandemic, and following the death of his mother and his two only brothers, this painting is a cry of frustration in the face of death. The pandemic, a period of isolation and widespread loss, becomes even more personal and painful with the loss of such close loved ones. The crow in the painting symbolizes the human, with all its fragilities and fears in the face of mortality. The key hanging from its chest represents the eternal search for answers to existential questions, and perhaps the irony of our inability to find the door that these answers could unveil. This painting captures the despair and helplessness in the face of death, but also the continuous search for meaning and understanding.

A Black Bird On A White Tree With A Purple Gradient Background
El Canto del Loco, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 in.

Trinidad Genesis

This painting addresses the concepts of beginning and end through various symbols. The labyrinth symbolizes life and the constant search for meaning and direction. The Alpha and Omega represent the beginning and the end in Christian philosophy and theology, suggesting eternity and the cyclical nature of existence. The monstrance symbolizes religion and spirituality, serving as a link between the earthly and the divine. The three skulls represent the magical, the human, and the mystical, indicating the different dimensions of existence. In the center of the monstrance, there is a nebula, the result of a star’s explosion and death, from which new stars will be born. Above this nebula, there is a fetus, symbolizing the cycles of the universe and the birth of man. This image fuses cosmology, mythology, and spirituality, reflecting the interconnection between the cosmos and human life.

Inscrutable: Unraveling The Mind Of Alberto Pancorbo
Trinidad Genesis, Oil on Canvas, 58 x 48 in.

Genesis de Un Sueno

In this work, the man emerges from the earth horse and projects himself towards the sky, symbolizing the liberation from the earthly and the search for other worlds or his own origin. This upward movement represents the human aspiration to transcend and explore beyond the known. The river in the painting symbolizes two crucial stages in the painter’s life: the Duero River in Spain, where he was born, and the Colorado River in America, where he currently lives. These two rivers merge in the work, symbolizing the union of his past and present, his roots, and his new life. The painting reflects a search for identity and the deep connection between the place of origin and the current place of residence, showing how both influence the painter’s personal and artistic journey.

Inscrutable: Unraveling The Mind Of Alberto Pancorbo
Génesis de Un Sueño, Oil on Canvas, 84 x 64 in.

Metamorfosis del Amor

This work is about the transformation that occurs with falling in love, a force capable of changing everything, even the crow. Falling in love is presented as a powerful and transformative experience, capable of deeply altering perception and the essence of beings. The crow, which in other works might represent darkness or the human, is here transformed by the force of love, suggesting that this feeling can bring light and change even to the darkest. The painting captures the ability of love to transform and renew, showing its profound and positive impact on human life and soul.

Alberto Pancorbo
Metamorfosis del Amor, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 22 in.

The analysis of Alberto Pancorbo’s selected works in this post offers profound insights into the subjects and themes that permeate his artistic journey. Through a closer examination of these pieces, we gain a deeper understanding of Pancorbo’s exploration of the human condition, his reflections on reality, and his quest for existential truths. Each artwork serves as a window into his mind, revealing the complexities and nuances of his surrealist vision.

While this analysis provides a glimpse into the core themes of his oeuvre, it is essential to recognize that the rest of the works in the exhibition seamlessly align with Pancorbo’s ongoing pursuit of truth. His art invites viewers to navigate the labyrinth of his imagination, where every twist and turn reveals another facet of his contemplations on life, identity, and the universe. Ultimately, Pancorbo’s continuous search for truth through his art challenges us to reflect on our perceptions and engage with the inscrutable mysteries of existence.

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