Five Reasons for a Business to Invest in Art

Dora Aguero
August 3, 2022

Among great art collectors and patrons of the arts, such as the Medici family, the Guggenheim family, and the popes and kings of Europe, who would think to include John D. Rockefeller and Deutsche Bank? And yet, businesses own some of the largest and most valuable art collections in the world. Collecting art is not limited to billion-dollar, multinational corporations. Any small business, whether it be an engineering office, law firm, medical practice, or insurance agency, can invest in art. Here are five reasons for businesses to visit a Miami gallery to invest in art:

Create an Aesthetic Work Space

When buying art for a home, an art gallery will always suggest buying art that you love. After all, you will be living with the piece of art and it should evoke a strong connection every time you look at it.

Buying art for an office is no different. Most people will spend 90,000 hours, or over a third of their life, at work. You should be able to connect with the artwork in your workspace, in the same way, that you would connect with the artwork in your home. In this way, artwork can create a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space.

Express a Business Culture

Aside from aesthetics, art does many things, such as evoking emotions, inspiring thought, and expressing a viewpoint. A business’s art collection can be used not only to create a comfortable environment but to express something about the business. For example, a Miami gallery may suggest Latin art to a business that wants to express its connection to the Latin American community or the Latin heritage of the business’s founders. Similarly, a Miami gallery may suggest Mexican abstract art to project a business’s image of creativity and ability to think outside the box. An accounting firm may invest in serious art to express a serious business attitude, while an event planner may invest in whimsical art to suggest a fun business attitude. There is no end to the combinations and permutations that you may find in matching your business to the art offered at a Miami gallery.

Boost Employee Morale

Studies show that artwork in the workplace can improve employee morale. Workers in enriched environments containing art believe they are <strong>more productive and more motivated</strong>. Employees also express an enhanced sense of well-being when artwork hangs in their workspace. Studies also show that this boost in morale is not fleeting, but can be renewed by frequently changing the office artwork.

Enhance Business Reputation

By investing in artwork, businesses create an aura of success. Whether conscious or not, customers associate artwork with a business that has achieved such a level of success that it can give back to the community by supporting the arts. It also creates an aura around a business owner of being a true Renaissance person with knowledge and interests in many different fields.

Connect to the Community

Supporting artists is an important societal function. There are over 100,000 nonprofit arts organizations that employ 2.2 million artists. Supporting artists is not only good for society but good for the economy. Businesses that invest in art contribute to, and support, the community of artists. Whether you define your community by geography (Miami artists), culture (Latin American painters), or subject matter (Mexican surrealist artists), investing in art allows the artists within those communities to continue to produce the works that bring joy to your business, your employees, and your customers.

Starting a business art collection is not just about creating a beautiful office. A business’s art collection tells the world that the business is successful and supports the community. It expresses the business’s culture and boosts the business’s employee morale. In this way, a business’s art collection is not just good business, it is good for everyone.

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