The 60th Venice Biennale Celebrates “Foreigners Everywhere”

Dora Aguero
April 22, 2024

Every two years, the Venice Biennale serves as a platform for artists and curators to explore pressing social issues and cultural narratives. In its 60th edition, curator Adriano Pedrosa takes center stage, presenting a bold and provocative exhibition titled “Foreigners Everywhere.” Amidst a backdrop of global crises, Pedrosa’s curatorial vision seeks to amplify the voices of the marginalized, the exiled, and the immigrant, inviting viewers to reconsider notions of identity, belonging, and cultural exchange.

Adriano Pedrosa’s Vision: Embracing the Marginalized

As the first curator from Latin America to helm the Venice Biennale, Adriano Pedrosa brings a unique perspective to the table. Pedrosa’s exhibition challenges traditional notions of artistic canon and representation, placing the so-called “outsiders” at the forefront. By shining a spotlight on artists from the Global South, Pedrosa seeks to honor their contributions to the art world and address historical injustices that have often relegated them to the sidelines.

Adriano Pedrosa
Image Sourced from Venice Biennale’s Website

The Artistic Landscape of “Foreigners Everywhere”

Spanning over 330 artists and collectives, “Foreigners Everywhere” offers a diverse array of artwork that reflects the complexities of the human experience. From thought-provoking installations to stirring visual narratives, the exhibition invites viewers to explore the intersections of culture, identity, and social justice. Among the featured artists is Linda Kohen, represented by The Americas Collection Gallery, whose work embodies the spirit of resilience and creativity in the face of adversity.

Linda Kohen: A Voice of Resilience

Linda Kohen, an artist represented by The Americas Collection Gallery, has been selected to participate in the 2024 Venice Biennale—a testament to her talent and artistic vision. Born in a tumultuous era marked by exile and displacement, Kohen’s work reflects her personal journey and the experiences of those who have been marginalized or uprooted from their homes. Through her art, Kohen seeks to reclaim narratives of identity and belonging, offering a glimpse into the universal struggles of the human condition.

Linda Kohen

Honoring Exiled Artists: A Tribute to the Past

The inclusion of artists like Linda Kohen in the Venice Biennale underscores the curator’s commitment to acknowledging the contributions of those who have been historically overlooked or forgotten. Many of the artists featured in the exhibition, particularly those from the Global South, have faced barriers to recognition and representation throughout their careers. By showcasing their work on an international stage, Pedrosa aims to “pay a debt” to these avant-garde minds and offer them the visibility they deserve.

A Provocative Exploration: Redefining Art History

“Foreigners Everywhere” challenges visitors to reconsider established narratives of art history and embrace a more inclusive and diverse perspective. Through thematic clusters and historical retrospectives, the exhibition invites viewers to engage with lesser-known artists and movements, expanding their understanding of contemporary art and its global impact. By amplifying the voices of the marginalized and the exiled, Pedrosa’s curatorial vision opens up new avenues for dialogue and cultural exchange.

As the doors of the Venice Biennale open to the public, “Foreigners Everywhere” invites viewers on a journey of discovery—a journey that transcends borders, challenges preconceptions, and celebrates the richness of human diversity. Through the transformative power of art, curator Adriano Pedrosa offers a vision of inclusivity and solidarity, reminding us of the importance of empathy, understanding, and collective action in an increasingly fractured world.

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