best galleries in Coral Gables

What the Best Galleries In Coral Gables Offer Lovers of Art

While the global art market had a value of almost 64 billion U.S. dollars back in 2017, there are many art galleries in Coral Gables that offer an array of paintings, sculptures, and other fine art that appreciates over time while offering style, class, and sophistication to any dwelling. Let’s examine the benefits of viewing art in Coral Gables, Florida and what the city affords the art lover.

Coral Gables and Its Rich History

When searching for the best galleries in Coral Gables, you’re bound to find out more about the rich history of the city. Coral Gables was incorporated back in 1925 with founder George Merrick having a unique and distinct vision for the city. With the city receiving its name from the home that Merrick grew up in, it’s no wonder that Coral Gables is home to some of the best galleries. The home that Merrick grew up in was reportedly crafted of a coral-like exterior and was fitted with a gabled roof. The home was also manufactured of limestone.

Today, Coral Gables is home to some of the most exquisite art, much like the unique home of Merrick. Many of the best galleries in Coral Gables house some of the rarest art in the country. From Latin American painters and Hispanic artists to works from artists such as Mauricio Contreras and various contemporary artists, Coral Gables is home to intricate, exclusive, and exceptional art.

Historic Buildings Complementing Art Gallery Visits

Another aspect that makes Coral Gables, Florida the perfect place for art galleries are the historical buildings. After a stroll through the city and learning about buildings like Hotel Seville, which is now known as Hotel St. Michel and the Miracle Theater, you’ll be able to see examples of art at its finest. There are structures in Coral Gables that have mixtures of Baroque Spanish Colonial and Baroque styles. You’ll find other buildings that give a Mediterranean feel and look to them.

Coral Gables is a perfect place for an art walk or a summer gallery walk. Many of the best galleries in Coral Gables offer these various events and more. So be sure to take in all of the history that you can. Then, enjoy the fine art galleries that are within the city, which is dubbed The City Beautiful.

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As your premier art gallery in Coral Gables, you’ll find art that inspires, enlightens, and amazes you. So, end that search for the best galleries in Coral Gables. Connect with us today and schedule a visit to the best art gallery in Coral Gables, Florida today.