Flying Composition I, Pablo Leonardo Martinez / Sailing Between Islands, Fernando Toledo / Mundo de los Seres Imaginario, Jose Perdomo

Contemporary Latin American Artists You Should Learn About

Visual arts in Latin America saw a breakthrough in 2002 when the Tate announced Cuauhtémoc Medina as its first associate curator of art. The move sparked a worldwide interest in Latin American art and the entry of a lot of new artists into the Latin art scene. But Latin America is a social and cultural hub that has birthed many great artists throughout history. From mixed media artists like Pablo Leonardo Martinez to eccentrics like Gabriel Orozco, we’ll explore a few Latin American artists who have made their mark in the industry.

Pablo Leonardo Martinez

Pablo Leonardo Martinez is an artist whose work speaks volumes of his skill and aptness. Working with a variety of material, Martinez sculpts, forms, and shapes to reflect his intuitive spirit. Wooden sculptures form a dominant part of his work, sculpting irregular forms that infallibly draw the observer to his work. His shapes are eclectic and sometimes geometric, with curves and straights fusing and sometimes disjointing to form his pieces. He sometimes incorporates other materials into his wooden sculptures, including metal elements to contrast with the wooden backdrop for a more elegant effect.

Fernando Toledo

Fernando Toledo is a master of color. His work evinces an acute mastery of color-selection and a perfected stroke technique akin to the best artists in his cadre. Most of his paintings draw heavily from childhood influences in the streets of Havana Vieja, while some highlight his day to day experiences. There is something very emotive in Toledo’s many paintings. Each piece aims to stir a particular feeling in the observer. Be it nostalgia, solitude, freedom or undying hope, Toledo finds a way to capture it beautifully into his pieces. This aspect of feeling and refflectiveness gives the impression of an underlying story beyond the vivid colors and brilliant strokes of his paintings. His portraits are stunning, to say the least, and will make an excellent addition to any serious art collection.

Jose Perdomo

Having started art at the tender age of 15, Jose Perdomo boasts a very extensive portfolio. The contemporary artist from the Dominican Republic brings history and culture into his paintings that could pass as an abstract expressionist. Color forms an integral part of his work, as he skillfully employs various hues in his work to convey his message. Mysticism is something Jose Perdomo likes to explore in his paintings so some of his work will feature supernatural figures. Human and animal elements in unnatural forms are also a highlight in many of his works. These figures essentially jolt the observer into a surreal world based on Perdomo’s creative impulses. The cultural richness and heartfelt love for tradition are what make Perdomo’s painting a must-have for any worthy art collector.


About 53% of art collections in the world have over 500 art pieces. If you’re an art enthusiast looking to get a few Latin American art pieces for your collection, then you know the artists to look for. Hopefully, this piece is a gateway to you exploring many other brilliant Latin American artists.