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3 Tips to Help You Buy Corporate Art for Your Company

David Rockefeller is credited for pioneering the culture of buying corporate art back in the 1950s during his time at Chase Manhattan Bank. That marked the beginning of an art-buying culture for corporations worldwide, a practice that modern corporations have fully embraced. However, not every piece of art is suitable for office art. Selecting corporate art is not as easy as picking random artwork in an art gallery near you and hanging it on your office walls. You must have a good eye for art and know your business well.

These tips will help you find corporate art that is a good fit for your company.

1. Choose Fine Art That Speaks to Your Clientele

Regardless of your industry, your customers should always come first. Remember that you’re buying corporate art to decorate your office and also impress your clients. Hence, the personality of your clients should be a major consideration that should guide your selection of corporate art. For instance, if you own a construction company, a large painting of your most iconic project will impress your clients. You can install the painting at your reception or in the hallways of your offices.

Selecting corporate art that is relevant to your clients will tell your customers that you care about them. Also, the right artwork can help you close a hesitant client. Say you’re a corporate lawyer, and you’re struggling to convince a big client to finally sign the retainer agreement. But you have a portrait of an iconic person in your office, and the said client also happens to be a big fan of the figure in the portrait. This will spark a mutual chat, and before you know it, you’re close friends with the client, having already closed the deal. Such is the power and persuasion of quality and well-selected corporate art.

2. Consider Your Employees’ Taste

While finding good art that suits the taste of every employee in your company is a big ask that may not be possible, you can select art that inspires most of them. The best way to select the most appropriate office art is by consulting corporate art dealers. A corporate art dealer will take time to consult your employees and find out what type of art would appeal to most of your workers.

The top corporate art dealers in Coral Gables will leverage their extensive art experience to select bespoke pieces of artwork that will connect with your employees. The best corporate art should make your workers feel more motivated and connected to your organization’s vision and missions. It’s important to your company’s future and bottom line that your staff feels connected to your business’s goals. The right corporate art will inspire your employees profoundly.

3. The Bigger the Better

Size is a major deciding factor when choosing any artwork. For art collectors who are scouting for pieces to add to their collections, size may not be a major factor. But when you’re looking for corporate art to display on your premises and make an impression, size is key.

As corporate art dealers in Miami will tell you, the bigger the size of your office art, the bigger the impression you’ll portray. Especially in your reception, you want a large painting that makes a statement. Large-sized pieces of art are more visible and memorable. Clients who visit your premises may forget what you said to them, but they’ll certainly remember the unique painting they saw at your office.

When you buy corporate art, you’re not only enhancing your company’s image but also supporting the more than 2.2 million artists who are employed by 113,000 nonprofit arts organizations operating in the U.S.

When selecting office art for your business, consider the above-discussed tips. Corporate art will benefit your business only when you choose the right pieces that appeal to your customers and employees and also complement your company’s visions and missions.