Linda Kohen

3 Latin American Artists That Significantly Influenced Latin Art

Latin American art has come a long way to gain mainstream acceptance in the global art industry. Influential Hispanic artists like Linda Kohen and Omar d Leon have helped popularize Latin art to the rest of the world. This has seen art galleries in Florida and other states in America display Latin American art from famous Hispanic artists.

Still, a lot needs to be done to make Latin art more prominent in the global scene. Hispanic and Latino artists account for only 2.8% of the artists whose work is featured in world-famous museums, while American artists account for 40% of art collections globally.

That notwithstanding, some Latin American Artists have made a momentous contribution to Hispanic art. Let’s discuss some of them.

1. Linda Kohen

Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, Linda Kohen has created artworks that have been displayed in top galleries and museums in the world. Inspired by the mystery of death, Linda Kohen’s art is deep, poetic, personal, sensitive, and metaphysical. Some of the popular artworks that have earned her a place in the best art gallery in Coral Gables include Cuarto Cuarto, A Leopardi, Man, and He Comido Sola I.

Linda Kohen has done various solo and group exhibitions in Uruguay, Italy, the United States, and Brazil. Some of her latest solo exhibitions include Self Shadows, featured in The Americas Collection, Coral Gables, Florida, USA, and Pueblo Garzon Gallery, Maldonado, Uruguay, both in 2013. For group exhibitions, Linda Kohen has been featured in top exhibitions, such as Women Seen By Women, which was displayed at the Gurvich Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2013.

Through her work, Linda Kohen has represented Latin American artists in the best galleries in Miami and also in the top galleries in Europe, such as Ghelfi Gallery, Vicenza, Italy. This has helped launch Latin Art into the mainstream global art industry, creating a way for hundreds of contemporary Latin American artists who are enjoying global exposure today.

2. Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo overcame a lot in her life to become one of the most influential artists in Mexico in the realms of surrealism and modernism. Through her artwork, she addressed social topics close to her heart. These include indigenous beauty, matriarchy, revolutionary politics, and melancholy. Some of her artwork precipitated a social change in political beliefs in her home country of Mexico.

Kahlo’s 1932 Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States and her 1933 painting — My Dress Hangs There — expressed her distaste for the imperialistic state in her country at the time. Her marriage to a fellow painter and one of Mexico’s greatest, Diego Rivera, immersed her deeper in Mexican muralism. Kahlo’s artworks have been exhibited in the best galleries in Coral Gables and other cities in North America.

3. Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is best known for popularizing the Mexican mural movement alongside two other influential painters — David Alfaro Siqueiros and José Clemente Orozco. One of Rivera’s famous works, The History of Mexico, is a mural painted on the stairwell of the National Palace of Mexico City.

Diego Rivera was among the first Latin American artists to travel and paint in the United States and Europe. Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco helped introduce Mexican muralism to the rest of the world because they traveled extensively. This helped lay a strong background for Latin American art in the global art market, and more people caught wind of Latin Art.

Today, due to the efforts of famous Hispanic painters such as Linda Kohen, Diego Rivera, and Frida Kahlo, there is more Latin art exhibited in the best art galleries in Florida and other states. If you’re an art lover or a collector, you should consider adding some of the finest Latin artworks to your collection. Latin American art will add a sophisticated appeal to your collection, especially if you purchase art from legendary Hispanic painters like Pablo Leonardo Martinez. Good thing you’ll find top-quality Latin art from the best galleries in Coral Gables.