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3 Benefits of Collecting Latin Artwork from the Top Hispanic Painters

As an art collector, having Latin American art in your collection will add both sentimental and monetary value to your collection. You’ll find artworks from influential Latin American painters in the best art galleries in Coral Gables or a city near you. If you’re looking for fine art from a top Colombian artist, Mexican artists, famous Cuban artists, or influential Venezuelan painters, you’ll find them in the top art galleries in Miami.

Here’s why you should consider adding Latin art to your art collection.

1. Accommodate Unique Latin Art Styles

Some of the mainstream artistic movements today began in Latin America. Muralism is widely acclaimed and recognized as having originated in Latin America, particularly in Mexico. As such, the best and most valuable murals today are from influential Hispanic artists such as Diego Rivera. As an art collector, having artwork from different art movements worldwide speaks depths about your appreciation and knowledge of art.

If you can get artwork from artists who are perceived as having fathered an art movement, you’ll boost the overall value of your art collection substantially. Some of the most popular muralists you may be interested in include Mexican artists such as Jose Clemente Orozco, Rufino Tamayo, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Santiago Martínez Delgado is a Colombian artist reputed for championing muralism in his home country, Colombia. Hence, you may be interested in collecting artwork from these and other top Latin American painters.

2. Latin American Art Commands a High Market Value

Artwork from the top Latin painters, like Linda Kohen, Fridah Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Oscar Murillo, and Omar d Leon, are some of the most expensive and valuable paintings you can add to your collection. The top Latin American artists are not only influential in the art industry but also in the social-political space.

For this reason, their artworks have a cultural and historical significance in Latin America. For instance, Fridah Kahlo, an influential Mexican surrealist artist, expressed her dissatisfaction with her country’s imperialistic state through her famous painting — My Dress Hangs There.

In the local art galleries, Latin art from highly-rated painters fetches top dollar. For instance, Colombian artist Karen Paulina Biswell has her famous Nam Bú painting selling for more than $6,000 in the best art galleries. Diego Rivera’s iconic mural The Rivals (1931) recently sold for $9.76 million.

Whether you’re a hobbyist art collector or an investor, adding Latin Art to your collection has monetary value. Also, there’s a high demand for top-quality Latin art from collectors all over the world. It explains why an Argentine art collector paid $15.7 million for Rivera’s 1928 Baile en Tehuantepec. Hence, if you decide to sell the fine Latin art in your collection, you’ll get high returns.

3. Latin Art Gives Your Collection an International Look

Focusing primarily on mainstream European artwork will deny your art collection the much-needed art diversity. Many art collectors are tempted to focus on European artwork, which is understandable considering that Europe is home to the most accomplished painters in the world.

Collecting artwork from the top European artist will certainly raise the status and value of your art collection. Even so, Latin art will also raise the value of your art collection by adding a more contemporary feel to your collection. As Latin painters continue to gain more mainstream acceptance, you will be among the famed collectors who have developed an unending appetite for contemporary Latin American art.

A modern Colombian artist like Oscar Murillo is popularizing Latin art worldwide. This is great, given that Latino and Hispanic artists constitute only 2.8% of the artists whose artwork is exhibited in the top museums. Adding Latin artwork to your collection will add sentimental and monetary value. Certainly, in the future, as the appetite for Latin art increases worldwide, pieces of Latin art in your collection will be in high demand. Good thing you can find top-quality Latin art at local art galleries near you.