Tips to Style Your Home With Artwork

Art is more than just a definition, a shape, a color, a texture, or an artist. Art includes all forms of creative genius, and each piece is an ocean of intense emotions, realities, and memories. Having art in your household, whether it be from a famous painter or a local artist, says a lot about your life, your family, your style, culture, etc. Selecting and knowing where to place each piece in your home might not be as easy as your think. Here are some tips on how to style your home with artwork.

Start With The Right Place

The first step for placing an art piece is finding the perfect spot. Depending on the style, size, and frame every piece will be made to fit a unique area. A good tip is to start with the walls that are most visible, therefore the artwork can be better displayed and appreciated. Try out different spots before choosing one.

Mix and Match Art Types

Sometimes adding a few different styles to the same wall can actually look amazing! Don’t be afraid to liberate your creativity and try mixing different textures, sceneries, even adding pictures with paintings.

Match The Lighting To The Artwork

Have you ever been to a museum or art gallery? You can notice how the light works to enhance the artwork. Matching the light also includes taking into consideration natural light, especially if you have large windows. Try playing around with different lighting spots in your home. You can even add a lamp or get creative and play with different colors of lighting, like an exotic red for example.

Don’t Let Architectural Style Limit You

The architectural style should not limit your home’s art style. Sometimes playing with opposites can have a great impact. For example, adding contemporary art to a traditional home design. Regardless of the style, always choose art that speaks to you.

Art is a great way to personalize your home. It might not be easy to choose what and where to place in your home, but it can sure be fun. Make sure to stay open to anything, you might be surprised at how amazing it can turn out. Inspiration can be anywhere when it comes to getting the perfect look to make your house speaks its personality.