Art Gallery in Coral Gables

Finding Art in Coral Gables

Whether you’re an art aficionado or you simply enjoy looking at art, visiting art galleries in Coral Gables is a must. Wondering how to find art around Coral Gables? We think these tips will help.

Understand Art’s Role in Modern Society

Before you can go looking for art, it’s important to understand the context in which you’re viewing it. The arts industry is bigger than you might think, with 113,000 non-profit arts organizations employing over 2.2 million artists. This is a significant contributor to the economy. In addition, people all over the world collect art. Whether it’s incredibly old pieces or modern paintings, private collections play a large role in keeping artwork alive.

And of course, above all else, art is a form of expression. Art helps countless people showcase their beliefs, their feelings, and the beauty around them. It is an essential part of the human experience. So remember that when you’re looking for the best art gallery in Coral Gables. The art you’re looking at is connected to being human.

Look for Art in Unexpected Places

Coral Gables is home to many galleries housing everything from Cuban art paintings to Latin art and sculptures. These galleries are open year-round, making it an excellent place for art lovers and art dealers to find the art of their choice. Art is all around you in Coral Gables, so you never know where your next favorite piece is going to pop up.

If you are looking for pieces that are unique, remarkable, and authentic, make sure you keep your eyes open. Street art may lead you to galleries, and some galleries may even have outdoor installations. There may be open gallery nights to explore, as well.

If you’re just visiting Coral Gables, one of the best events to attend is an art walk. This event is typically hosted by one or more galleries and allows patrons of the arts to interact with art and artists. The opportunity to walk through an open exhibition, interact freely with artists, ask questions, and buy art is truly one of a kind.

Keep Cultural Significance in Mind

Coral Gables has incorporated art to its rich culture with art galleries, museums, and even outdoor art installations. Coral Gables art museums host a variety of art pieces, as well. Some of the most exquisite pieces of art, whether paintings or sculptures have found their home in these halls. You’ll be able to see classic pieces from Latin America, Cuba, the and Europe on display. Culture plays a vital role in art, and it’s an art gallery or museum’s job to help viewers get some insight into that culture.

Whether you are looking for art in landscapes, figurative art, animal art, or abstract art, you can find it in the best art gallery in Coral Gables. Finding a place where you have a variety of art galleries that understand the importance of art is priceless. Coral Gables has made art part of its culture, and you can always find a one of a kind piece when you know where to look.

Coral Gables Gallery Night at The Americas Collection

Start your Coral Gables Gallery Night at The Americas Collection.

Date: September 6th. 2019

Time: 6:30PM to 8:30 PM

The Americas Collection is one of the most established galleries in Miami since 1991. TAC has since devoted all of its efforts to providing the art market with the utmost in quality artwork from a wide variety of emerging, well-established and master artists from Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

The Coral Gables Gallery Night has been a staple of City life for the last 38 years and is held the first Friday of the month. The free City trolley provides an easy way to travel between Galleries, and to find your restaurant choice for the evening. –

Coral Gables Gallery Night Map

Coral Gables Galley Night Map

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Investing in art

6 Strategies For Investing In Art For Profit

Studies indicate that roughly 53% of art collections worldwide have over 500 pieces of art. Investing in art can be tempting, considering its creative mystique and potential for increasing value over time. Regardless of your taste, art is regarded as a physical commodity, and many investors consider it safer than volatile stock market investments. However, before you walk into an art gallery and spend a bundle of money or, you must understand the risks and expenses that come with art.

Sadly, the market is full of forgeries sold as original art. As an investor, you must be careful where you buy your art. By attending the art walk Coral Gables, you are guaranteed to find excellent and authentic art. With such events, you will find various artworks from Cuban artists, art by famous Hispanic painters, Mexican abstract art, and many more. Some artists are also known to have their private art gallery where they display their work to prospective investors.

If you want to invest in art, it’s best to consider the following tips:

  1. Invest in contemporary art: According to an article published by Forbes, contemporary pop art is one that offers high returns as long as you are careful of its authentication. Art walk Coral Gables can guarantee you find contemporary art that is one of a kind.
  2. The art market faces fluctuations: A drop in the market for an artist can affect the market for another. As you invest in art, you must be knowledgeable of the movement and the history of the art. For instance, if you want to invest in Cuban art paintings, do some research on their demand, history, and the different artists before spending your money.
  3. As an investor, diversification is essential: Your clients will have different preferences. The art walk Coral Gables can offer you a variety of nice pieces, from Cuban paintings to Latin artwork and many more.
  4. Consider the value of the painting you buy: This is not only about the artist but about the quality of art they produce. If you are not sure what to look for, it is prudent to find a good art advisor to guide you. To make the best investment, consider buying one of a kind pieces because they are easier to sell and can return a higher profit.
  5. Not all bargains are good bargains: For instance, if you get an invitation for Cuban art for sale, attend, but if the art does not sell at an auction, the market may not look at it favorably. This means you can buy the art at a reduced price, but you must be ready to hold on to it before taking it back to the market. It is also possible that the market history of the piece may be available to potential buyers, and they may not buy it at the price you intended.
  6. Calculate the potential profits and losses for the art: At art walk coral gables, you will find art from various artists, but it is crucial to consider the current value and potential increase in the value of a piece of art. For instance, compare the cost of Omar D’Leon paintings against Jose Perdomo and see which one makes more business sense.

When you are investing in art, you want a return for your investment, which is why it’s essential to buy original pieces that collectors, interior designers, art dealers, and art enthusiasts are willing to spend their money on. Contact the Americas Collection to learn more about quality art pieces!


Latin American Female Artists You Should Know About

The works of Latin American painters have not always been given center stage as their contemporary artists in North America, with only 2.8% of Hispanic and Latino artist having their work displayed in prominent museums. Artists such as Zilia Sanchez were pushed to the side during the 1960 New York art scene, but they have made their way into Latin American art galleries. Outside of the Latin American art gallery scene, Latin American painters are taking over museums around the US with replicas of Aztec sculptures, photos of Mexican history, and other works of art.

Latin American art is a unique combination of South America, Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico with a pinch of Latin Americans living in other regions. When you visit a Latin American art gallery, these are the kind of fine art pieces you should expect to see, and some of the finest artists of the region will be women. Here is a list of famous Latin American women artists you will see in an art walk Coral Gables.

  1. Tarsila do Amaral- lived and worked in Brazil from 1886-1973: Amaral is Brazilandrsquo;s most famous 20th-century artist. While she is well known in her home country, her work had received sparse attention in the rest of the world until recently. Her work was first brought to Americanandrsquo;s attention when the Art Institute of Chicago presented a solo exhibition of her modernistic work. Her masterpieces are now available in famous fine art New York galleries such as the New Yorkandrsquo;s Museum of Modern Art. Amaral traveled to Paris and took art lessons with famous artists such as Fernand Leger. She rubbed shoulders with the likes of Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brancusi, and brought elements of their work evident in her masterpieces. Back home, she included content that her European counterparts ignored and centered her work around the unique content from her home ground.
  2. Maria Izquierdo- worked in Mexico from 1902-1955: As a single mom, Izquierdo’s work begun to make waves in Mexico in 1930. She had attended art classes in the capitalandrsquo;s National Fine Art School where she interacted with famous artists like Diego Rivera who highly praised her work. she found her unique footing in art by rejecting the political art that prevailed during her time. She instead preferred to mingle with elements of myth and the popular culture in Mexico, merging them with her identity, emotions, and subconscious. Izquierdo was the first Mexican woman to hold a solo exhibition in New York. Her career suffered a blow when David Alfaro Siqueiros and Rivero called her unqualified to receive an important mural commission of which she was a finalist.
  3. Zilia Sanchez- worked in Puerto Rico: Sanchez is renowned for reinventing hard-edged, geometric abstract pieces with shaped canvases and undulating forms. Her art evokes sensuality and eroticism. She began her career in her home town in Cuba as a set designer for radical guerilla theatre groups. She traveled to New York where she began her career in making shaped paintings and continued with the practice when she moved to Puerto Rico where she settled in 1970.
  4. Beatriz Gonzalez- works in Colombia and was born in 1938: Gonzalez describes herself as a transgressor because she did not fit in her time. She started her career in 1960 and drew her inspiration from pop art and the Colombian conflict known as La Violencia. Her most famous work, The Sisgasuicides I, II, and III were completed in 1965 show the smiling faces of a religious couple who committed suicide together in order to absorb the womanandrsquo;s sins. Gonzales used a series of bright colors in her painting, highlighting the coupleandrsquo;s tragic demise. Gonzalez is based in Bogota where she has her Latin American art gallery.
  5. Paz Errazuri- works in Chile and was born in 1944: Another Latin American female artist worth mentioning is Paz Errazuriz, a photographer daring enough to document the marginalized communities in Chile. She entered brothels, trans sex workers dens and queer, psychiatric hospitals. She also worked at boxing clubs and cruises, taking portraits of people in all of these unfavorable scenes.

In your next visit to a Latin American Art gallery, you will most likely be put in contact with works from one of these famous Latin artists


Latin American Artists

Some of the Most Influential Hispanic Artists Throughout Time

Despite having major artistic figures, artwork completed by Hispanic artists doesn’t have all the deserved recognition in museums throughout the world. In fact, less than 3% of these artists’ work is displayed, compared to 40% of art collections throughout the world that contain American artists.

That’s a significant difference, but fortunately, more attention has been drawn to Latin art and artists over time. Learn more about some of the more influential figures in this genre below, then reach out to us with any questions, and we can discuss options to obtain new pieces for your collection.We are always happy to help.

Frida Kahlo

Despite facing many trials and tribulations throughout her life, Frida Kahlo has made a big name for herself in the art world. More attention has been drawn to her work in recent years thanks to the popular film Frida starring Salma Hayek, and her self-portraits are known for truly displaying the pain, both physical and emotional, that she experienced throughout her life.

Salvador Dali

Dali is an extremely well-known artist, creating popular pieces like The Persistence of Memory and Metamorphosis of Narcissus. He really challenged the views of traditional art, and he introduced many new techniques and ways of thinking. His pieces were both controversial and striking making him one of the most talked about artists in this culture.

Pablo Picasso

Picasso was one of the biggest artists of his time, and even today you will not find many people who have not heard his name before. He introduced many new styles and challenged people’s classic perceptions when it came to creating lasting pieces that would continue to influence people for years to come. Finding an original Picasso piece will take more than visiting a Latin American art auction, as his pieces are truly one-of-a-kind.

Diego Rivera

Husband of the famous Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera was also a prominent artist who showed the various sides of Mexican culture and did many works that displayed the history of his people. He was extremely influential, and he is well-known for his elaborate mural in Mexico City.

Fernando Botero

Botero has created some truly unique sculptures, and he has a reputation for display people and things in a larger and more exaggerated way. He has pieces in New York, the UK, and more, and he is still living today, making him one of the more contemporary artists on the list.

Whether you have just taken an interest in art, have loved it your whole life, or simply enjoy attending events like Latin American art exhibits at Art Galleries, we have got the tools you need to find art that you can love for the long haul. Reach out today.

The Most Exquisite Art for Your Home and Where to Get It

The era of the billion-dollar painting is inevitable as the art market shows no signs of slowing down. Art has become an essential component in modern homes as more interior designers and influencers popularize having a unique art gallery at home. Priceless and remarkable art lifts your space, creates inspiration and sprinkles joy from around the world. You can source your art from numerous places, but trusted art galleries in Coral Gables will give you one of a kind pieces that will brighten up your space and speak volumes in terms of elegance and style.

If you are not sure about the kind of art that will work for your space, read on for insight on some of the countries that produce artists whose pieces and style is worth your living space.

    1. Colombian art: Colombia has one of the richest art histories dating back 3500 years and covering a wide range of media. Colombian artists are masters in different styles such as Spanish Baroque devotional paintings and Quimbaya gold craft that you can find readily in any art gallery Miami FL. A renowned Colombian artist is Fernando Botero. During the colonial period, Colombian art was mostly ecclesiastical based mainly on mannerist, renaissance and medieval style. Colombian art, however, starts having a distinct point of view in the 1950s and has continued to be one of the most celebrated and treasured paintings in the world.
    2. Cuban art: Cuba is a diverse island full of exceptional culture derived from Africa, South America, European and North American culture and their art is no different. After embracing European modernism in the 20th century, Cuban artists have seen tremendous growth in their art, which mostly comprise of a mixed modern artistic genre. One of the most famous Cuban artists is Federico Beltran Masses who was known for his seductive portrayal of women in these Cuban art paintings. In the 19th century, Cuban paintings were dominated by landscapes and classism.
    3. Latin America, in general: Art in Latin America has part of its roots in many different pre-Columbian cultures. Each culture developed sophisticated art which was mostly influenced by spiritual concerns and religion. The blending of cultures from different parts of the world, however, resulted in unique paintings from some of the most famous painters.

How to Acquire Art, Properly

The best way to find a broad selection of Latin American Art pieces in a single place is to contact an art gallery in Miami FL. Once you identify a piece you are interested in, you will need to to find out the price, mode of payment and how long it will take to have your fine art delivered to your home. Taking an art walk as you sample what different galleries have to offer is the best way to see available styles.

Taking part in an art auction is also a great way to get your hands on a stunning art piece. Many art galleries will announce when they will hold an auction, so keep checking their websites, so you don’t miss out. If a piece is highly valued, you the competition might be tight, so go prepared to battle and win.

Checking out online sales is also a great way to spot a gem that will spruce up your home. If you are in luck, you may find someone selling off art that has been in their family for ages that will look great in your gallery.

Getting your art from an art gallery in Miami FL is the best way to make sure that you are getting something genuine, priceless and for your home.

Art in business interior

Five Reasons for a Business to Invest in Art

Among great art collectors and patrons of the arts, such as the Medici family, the Guggenheim family, and the popes and kings of Europe, who would think to include John D. Rockefeller and Deutsche Bank? And yet, businesses own some of the largest and most valuable art collections in the world. Collecting art is not limited to billion dollar, multinational corporations. Any small business, whether it be an engineering office, law firm, medical practice, or insurance agency, can invest in art. Here are five reasons for businesses to visit a Miami gallery to invest in art:

Create an Aesthetic Work Space

When buying art for a home, an art gallery will always suggest buying art that you love. After all, you will be living with the piece of art and it should evoke a strong connection every time you look at it.

Buying art for an office is no different. Most people will spend 90,000 hours, or over a third of their life, at work. You should be able to connect with the artwork in your work space, in the same way that you would connect with the artwork in your home. In this way, artwork can create a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space.

Express a Business Culture

Aside from aesthetics, art does many things, such as evoking emotions, inspiring thought, and expressing a viewpoint. A business’s art collection can be used not only to create a comfortable environment, but to express something about the business. For example, a Miami gallery may suggest Latin art to a business that wants to express its connection to the Latin American community or the Latin heritage of the business’s founders. Similarly, a Miami gallery may suggest Mexican abstract art to project a business’s image of creativity and ability to think outside the box. An accounting firm may invest in serious art to express a serious business attitude, while an event planner may invest in whimsical art to suggest a fun business attitude. There is no end to the combinations and permutations that you may find in matching your business to the art offered at a Miami gallery.

Boost Employee Morale

Studies show that artwork in the workplace can improve employee morale. Workers in enriched environments containing art believe they are more productive and more motivated. Employees also express an enhanced sense of well-being when artwork hangs in their work space. Studies also show that this boost in morale is not fleeting, but can be renewed by frequently changing the office artwork.

Enhance Business Reputation

By investing in artwork, businesses create an aura of success. Whether conscious or not, customers associate artwork with a business that has achieved such a level of success that it is able to give back to the community by supporting the arts. It also creates an aura around a business owner of being a true Renaissance person with knowledge and interests in many different fields.

Connect to the Community

Supporting artists is an important societal function. There are over 100,000 nonprofit arts organizations that employ 2.2 million artists. Supporting artists is not only good for society, but good for the economy. Businesses that invest in art contribute to, and support, the community of artists. Whether you define your community by geography (Miami artists), culture (Latin American painters), or subject matter (Mexican surrealist artists), investing in art allows the artists within those communities to continue to produce the works that bring joy to your business, your employees, and your customers.

Starting a business art collection is not just about creating a beautiful office. A business’s art collection tells the world that the business is successful and supports the community. It expresses the business’s culture and boosts the business’s employee morale. In this way, a business’s art collection is not just good business, it is good for everyone.

Invest in Art, Invest in yourself

How to Make the Best Investment When Buying Valuable Art

Buying a valuable piece of art is a dream for most people. This explains why in 2017, the global art market was valued at almost $64 billion. Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to start and they end up being conned by unscrupulous dealers who present them with inauthentic products. If it is your first time purchasing amazing art, here are five tips to get you on your way:

  • See a lot of art: Art galleries are a great place to start so you can get an idea of what you are looking for. A Coral Gables art gallery can give you a comprehensive view of many pieces so you can see what’s visually appealing to you. You also get to interact with dealers, artists and other art collectors who can guide you in the right direction.


  • Have a budget: A rare piece of art can drive you absolutely mad. If you don’t have a budget to stick to, you are likely to splurge and have buyer’s remorse later. However, be ready to go over that budget slightly if something blows you away. Having a budget is more important if you are going for an auction because people get caught up in the excitement of outdoing each other.


  • Know what determines the price: Apart from who the artist is, the price of a piece of art available in a Coral Gables art gallery is dependent on other factors. For example, how rare is it, are you the first owner, and when was the piece drawn? There are also other hidden costs like an insurance for certain pieces, shipping and framing, and of course the buyer’s premium if you bought it at an auction.


  • Have an appraiser: Some people think that getting the advice of an appraiser is an unnecessary cost. In truth, it’s very important. They will give you an experienced eye on what great art looks and feels like and also make sure you don’t overpay for something that is not worth it. For example, Latino painters are known for their magnificent pieces, but you can’t know Latino art if you are new in the game.



Buying art is more than just taking an art walk to a Coral Gables art gallery and coming out with a piece. You have to familiarize yourself with art and consult professionals who will help you not to make a mistake. Once you get your hands on that rare piece of art, display it with honor and cherish it because it’s worth every penny you spent.

3 Tips for Buying Art from an Art Gallery

Say you love Guillermo Trujillo paintings. They are some of the most amazing works of Latin art in recent times, after all. Guillermo was born in Panama in 1927, where he began his art studies in 1941. Guillermo graduated as an architect from the University of Panama in 1953 and proceeded to Spain where he won a scholarship to study painting in the Institute of Hispanic Culture.

Guillermo Trujillo paintings, depicts indigenous iconography, western European culture, and politics. No matter which you enjoy, going to an art gallery is your number one choice for purchasing one of his or any of your favorite artists’ pieces. Here are three tips to give you the best experience while buying art from your local art gallery.

  1. Participate in Art Walks: An art walk is usually organized to take place in the evenings and weekends, convenient for those who have to work during the day. Art walks are frequent in cities that have a lot of galleries and are typically organized by art galleries. They’re an excellent way for artists to display their work. The contemporary art galleries Miami has to offer often hold art walks and include paintings by artists such as Guillermo Trujillo. You never know the gem you will find until you attend one.
  2. Ask Questions: In 2017, the art market was valued at 64 billion dollars globally. With the size of the market, there’s always more to learn about different artists, styles, and a multitude of other topics. When perusing any art gallery, be sure to ask as many questions as you can. You want to know exactly what you are buying and how the purchasing process goes when making an investment in art. Don’t be shy, someone will always be willing to help you with anything that comes up.
  3. Double Check Paperwork: After purchasing your artwork of choice, you want to be sure that you’re leaving with all of the paperwork that you need. Here’s a short list of some of the essentials you should make sure you have before heading home:
    • Shipping Details: If you’re getting your painting or piece of art shipped to your house, you want to make sure that all of the shipping information is correct. Be sure to double-check this and keep a copy of this for your records.
    • Invoice: Your invoice will detail the price at which you bought the piece, alongside any extra expenses. Not only will this be good to keep for your own finances, but if you decide to buy insurance or sell your artwork, you may need this.
    • Proof of Authenticity: A proof of authenticity can be critical when deciding to donate or sell your art in the future. Proofs of authenticity can include certificates of authenticity, exhibition catalogs, and gallery invoices just to name a few.

There is no better way to take a brief moment out of your busy schedule than to enjoy beautiful pieces of art, such as Guillermo Trujillo paintings. The paintings you buy will not only be visually appealing but show personality, creativity, inspiration, and technical mastery.