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Why You Should Care about Provenance When Investing in Art

If you’ve even dabbled in art, you know that provenance can greatly affect the price and the desirably of a painting, sculpture or other piece of art. Provenance is the history of the piece’s ownership, who owned it after it was created. Derived from the French word provenir, meaning “to come from”, an ideal provenance captures the continuous ownership history of a piece all the way back to the artist’s studio.

Why provenance matters

1. It’s interesting. A good back story generally makes the art more appealing. Did the owner’s great-grandmother purchase the piece from the artist in Europe before he became well known and the piece has been in the family all of these years? Perhaps the woman has a romantic liaison with the artist? Stories like these all glamour and intrigue to the art.

2. It eliminates the possibility of other claims to the art. A continuous provenance also offers a degree of security that the piece hasn’t been misappropriated or stolen over the years, thus leaving other people of possible legitimate claims to the piece.

3. It helps prevent fakes. Although provenance can be falsified by those skillful and knowledgeable enough, it is very difficult. Having a continuous provenance, especially associated with a “found” work of a prominent artist, can help get you a sense of security that it truly was created by the attributed artist.

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