Investing in art

Why Investing in Art NOW Makes Perfect Sense

COVID-19 has made a huge impact on how people around the world are behaving, thinking and buying. From inexplicable shortages of grocery items to closures of stores deemed inessential, the buying experience is different than it has ever been. But, amidst all this uncertainty, now is still a great time to invest in art. Why? Consider these three important reasons.

  • Support Our Artists – Just like everyone else, artists have been impacted by the Coronavirus crisis. When you purchase art for your collection, you are helping creative types who are still trying to bring beauty and joy to the world today. Your purchase makes a bigger difference than it ever has before.
  • Bring Joy to Your Life – While it is hard to travel and get out to enjoy the wonder in life today, you can still add beauty and interest to your home by adding a beautiful piece of artwork. Now is a great time to bring in new art as you’ll be able to enjoy it and can even work on decorating around it if you have extra “stay at home” time on your hands.
  • Investing Now Makes Good Financial Sense – The economy is unstable. The stock market plummets one day and skyrockets the next. Investing in art is often much more stable and gives you something of value, that will normally not lose value, that you can use to diversify your investment portfolio.

Although COVID-19 means you may not be able to walk through an art gallery or museum today, there is still an abundance of beautiful art available to view or purchase through the internet. Connect online with The Americas Collection and consider investing in art and your future.