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What to Know Before Starting Your Art Collection

​It is finally the time for you to start your art collection. Knowing you always had an artistic eye, you are not alarmed by your wish to leap into the realm of fine art. Your inquisitive nature forces you to wonder how you plan to launch yourself into this venture. The process appears transparent: find an art piece you like, purchase said art piece, and repeat. The method is simple, but there is more to it. No matter if you are a novice to art collecting or a connoisseur, there is more to know about art collecting.

Choosing an art gallery
When you find the gallery that fits, you tend to stay with it. Art galleries are a mix of business and creativity. Your perfect gallery is one that puts in equal effort for both. On the creative/artistic side, the gallery has a variety of pieces in their workings. Most galleries often stick with a theme such as Latin American artists or modern works. The theme is helpful when you are searching for galleries who have specific works that interest you or new works you want to explore. On the business side, a gallery is obligated for you to receive a fair deal. When walking around a gallery, do not be afraid to ask questions about the pieces and about the gallery. A gallery with a good reputation knows all about their works, artists, prices, etc. Once you buy the art piece, your perfect gallery will have all the paperwork checked and double checked.

What is it worth?

Art has a high value in the economy. Due to this, some beginner art collectors will find themselves conned into buying a piece for more than its worth or a fake. So just before you take a step into your first art show, ensure you have checklist in the back of your mind. First, know your budget. Set a price for how much you are willing to spend on one art piece and how much you will spend if you buy more than one. Second, be aware of what determines the price. This could be the artist, how rare it is, and when was the piece made. Plus you must factor in additional costs like shipping, framing, maybe there is a buyer’s premium, and also insurance.

Your art dealer and you

If you feel overwhelmed with uncovering the art you prefer to add to your collection, then an art dealer will be handy. As stated before, art is highly valued. Which means that the only goal of some art dealers is to make an easy profit. The best art dealers are there to help you. The art dealer you are looking for is one that has a plethora of works for you. An art dealer with a divergent collection is one with experience, extensive knowledge, and one who will help you diversify your collection. Another aspect of a great art dealer is that they are guides. If you are unsure on what art piece to add, an art dealer will consult with you about different works and will lead you further along this journey to the right works.

​Be selective with your collection

​As easy as it may be to walk into a gallery, pick out a painting, and then take it home with you. There is more to the story. Your art collection is a presentation of you. You are a mixture of numerous tastes and ideas. You want to have an art collection which reflects that. Choose the piece that speaks out to you and to your budget. Art galleries and art dealers are aware you are being selective in what you want, and they will help lead you in that direction. Whether you are just starting your collection or have been collecting for sometime now, being picky with your art is a normal part of art collecting.