No. 2 From the Series Ornaments, Karen Estrada

Using Latin American Art to Revive Your Art Collection

Artworks from Latin America, while incredibly influential and moving, is a class of art that is often underrepresented in art collections across the world. If you are looking to revive a room in your home, then work from Mauricio Contreras, Karen Estrada, or any other Latin American artist is sure to do the job. Here are just a few of the main ways that having some Latin expressions can revive and improve your art collection.

Purchasing Fine Art Helps the Economy

With 113,000 nonprofit arts organizations employing 2.2 million artists in the workforce, the arts are a strong force in our economy. With that said, it’s also a sad fact that many of the most significant art movements are not represented in the vast majority of art collections. By participating in these lesser-known art movements, you are making a contribution to the art economy at large, while also offering direct support to the artists who have helped create it.

A lot of Fine Art from Latin America is Unknown

If you’re interested in filling your collection with great works that might be lesser-known, then a piece from Latin America is perhaps one of the greatest starting points. Despite its immense influence on other cultures and art movements, Latin Art has been largely overlooked as a field of culture. It’s important to understand its place within the larger art world. Experienced collectors and those who are new can each enjoy the benefits of investing in the work of Latin painters. Doing so just might help you set your collection apart while also adding a much-needed excitement to the rest of your interior design elements.

At Americas Collection, we offer a wide range of diverse fine art from all different cultures. While we specialize in Latin American artists, we are also proud to feature unique, dynamic work from across the world and history. If you’re looking to revive the interior design in your home or office, then get in touch with us today, we can guide you and help you find what’s best for you.