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Tips on Leveraging the Benefits of Latin Wall Art in Interior Design

As a homeowner, if you are relegating art galleries to the sidelines, you are missing out on design opportunities. Art matters most in interior design. However, you should pay attention to the type of art you are introducing in your room. Although American art appears in 40% of all art collections, Latin artwork dominates the world due to social-cultural aspects. Here are some of the few reasons why you should consider Latin American art for your interior design.

Provides Color Palette

Choosing a color palette remains to be a daunting task to most of the people who are interested in designing their interiors. Luckily, if you are facing such a hurdle, participating in the Coral Gables Art Walk will not only be inspirational but will provide you with the much-needed color variations to implement in your interior design work. Art by Karen Estrada is enough to provide color palette as it has dominant colors and few additional shades that will decorate your space.

Creates a Focal Point

One of the most important principles of interior design is creating a focal point. A single design element that will instantly capture or draw the eye is an absolute necessity in your house. Many people have been using furniture and other objects to create a focal point. But that is not all you can do. Paying a visit to an art walk will open your eyes to new ideas. For instance, you can find a product from a Colombian artist that will give your room a focal point that stands out. Also, fixing an artwork above the mantle of a fireplace will give your house an outstanding appearance.

Introduce Design Texture

There are hundreds of artworks that have been created with two-dimensional paintings. However, most of these paintings don’t add any design texture in the room. You need to get some new paintings that will bring a rich texture into the place. Sculptures and shadow boxes are very useful in adding depth into the room. If you are a corporate art dealer, you can get some mixed media installation that includes screens and digital art. They will all play a vital role in improving the design texture of your facility.

Compliment Room Colors

Latin artworks that can be found during a Coral Gables art walk are essential in complementing other colors, which explains why they are used in interior designs. Most of the people in the United States use primary colors in interior decoration. Unfortunately, these colors don’t offer much, and most of them are considered boring. Introducing -for example- a Cuban art painting can change the appearance of the entire room. The strong Latin American heritage infuses a rich mixture of colors and shades that enhances any space.

Show Cultural Affiliations

One of the strategic methods of showing cultural affiliations is through the use of paintings. A considerable number of people have been using socially-motivated paintings to enhance the interior decoration in their properties. Mexican surrealist artists have thousands of art galleries that are inspired by their own culture and social-economic aspects. Taking a Coral Gables Art Walk will introduce you to hundreds of Latin artists that will help you illustrate and embrace your beliefs through artwork.

Create a Story

Art galleries are more than sculpture, shadow box, or perfectly positioned paintings. Often, artworks transmit a message that goes beyond what can be seen. You can use artwork in your dwelling to communicate, create an atmosphere, or tell a story that will leave your guests impressed.

Are you enthusiastic about paintings and wall arts? If not, make it your ambition to use art galleries and paintings for your house interiors. You will have a memorable experience that does not come easily. You can explore Latin-inspired galleries and paintings by taking a Coral Gables art walk.