Hispanic Artists

The Top 7 Hispanic Artists To Impact Western Culture

Influential Hispanic artists have blazed many trails in shaping Western culture. Their artistic techniques and cultural symbols have given rise to political and social change and helped expose millions to native roots. However, only 2.8% of artwork displayed in prominent museums is from a Latino or Hispanic artist. Here are the top seven Hispanic artists that have greatly impacted Western culture.

Diego Velazquez

Hispanic artist Diego Velazquez is considered to be a leading artist in the Spanish Golden Age. He served King Philip IV as a court painter for almost 40 years. His unique style influenced many Impressionist and Realist painters such as Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, and Pablo Picasso.

Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya was an influential Romantic movement painter in the 18th century. As an Old Master, he revolutionized how the horrors of war were represented in the art world. He is best known for his politically charged masterpiece entitled The Third of May 1808 (Execution of the Defenders of Madrid). This piece depicted Spanish resistance efforts during Napoleon’s occupation.

Jose Clemente Orozco

Jose Clemente Orozco was a Mexican caricaturist who inspired unity after the events of the Mexican Revolution. His Mexican muralism focused on the hardships of workers and peasants and can still be viewed in Guadalajara. His disturbing pieces reflect anger at the many social injustices of his time.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous Latin American artists in the modern art world. He created approximately 50,000 paintings, ceramics, prints, drawings, and sculptures over the course of his life. His Cubist works were groundbreaking and his style development shattered traditional artwork techniques.

Joan Miro

This Catalan artist relied on allowing his unconscious mind to take control of his Surrealist paintings. His work also included art design, printmaking, ceramics, and sculptures. Joan Miro influenced later abstract expressionist artists such as Jackson Pollock.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist of Puerto Rican and Haitian descent. He broke ground in the art world in New York City with his infamous graffiti tag SAMO in the late 1970s. In his short life span of 27 years, he became one of the first underground graffiti artists to break through into the fine art market. His neo-expressionist paintings exhibit class struggles and social injustices within the black community. A 1982 painting of his sold for $110.5 million at an auction in 2017.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was a Hispanic artist whose modern art Surrealism artwork spanned over six decades. He was also known as a highly influential illustrator, sculptor, photographer, cookbook author, and filmmaker. His eclectic personality still resonates with the public to this day.

These Latin American artists have left an indelible mark on Western culture. Their masterful techniques have captured the imaginations and hearts of the public as well as inspiring future generations. Because of their willingness to take risks, their work transformed into more than just something pretty to look at. It helped inspire millions to make the world a better place and we have much to thank them for.