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The Symbolism of Color: Part 2

Everything holds some meaning or symbolism. In the art world, there is an explanation behind every subject, piece, lighting, and color. Color is a fascinating and simple method for an artist to display what emotions or concepts they wish to express in their work. When collectors browse through Miami art galleries or art exhibitions, they are more likely to select the piece that speaks to them the most. This is the second part to the symbolism of color in art, but now is the time to focus on the secondary colors and what the meaning they provide to a collection.

Orange joins together the intensity of the color red with the joy of the color yellow. After combining these two colors, orange takes on the elements of yellow to a new level. Orange represents a high level of joy and happiness. It means fascination, determination, and encouragement. The citrus color also brings a tropical feel to a painting. Orange is often used to heighten either red or yellow in work and enhance their meanings to greater levels.

Green is most known for the color of nature and earth. People envision the smell of grass or trees swaying in the summer wind. It is a natural color that draws everyone back to their earthy roots. Green possesses a great healing element and calming effect. When green is seen in a work, it is meant to relax the viewer. The trusting feeling from the blue and the inner bliss of yellow envelopes the viewer into a serene sensation.

Purple is a color often associated with royalty like one half of its mix. The stability and royal characteristics of blue blends with energetic characteristics of red. Purple is all about extravagance and magic. The color enchants anyone who looks at it. Purple is a color of wonder and curiosity. Whenever purple is found in a piece, it is usually to mystify its audience with its luxury or wizardry.

After reading the second edition of the guide to meanings behind colors in art, collectors touring Miami art galleries have expanded their knowledge and understanding to the hidden layers in an artist’s color choice. Luckily those art collectors can rely on Americas Collection to further explain these color definitions and can accurately comprehend what the collector is searching for in an emotional piece.