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The Symbolism of Color: Part 1

Color exhibits a powerful intensity to a painting. What colors are present in the work shows the emotion the artist wants viewers and collectors to recognize. Color encourages people to further comprehend the subject. Such with each brush stroke and splatter, colors represent an underlying meaning. As art collectors tour the Miami art galleries and their colorful works, they can become more appreciate of pieces after learning about the depths of these primary colors.

Red is a strong and loud color. When red is in a painting, it is to show an extreme emotion or passion. It emboldens scenes of violent tragedies, great loves, furry, and heat. The warmth in the color as if it invites the spectator to come closer. Red draws an immediate attention to any subject associated with it. The energetic nature to the color emits a confident stature in the work. It screams for anyone around to look at it.

​Blue adds an elegance and comfortable sense to a painting. In a painting, blue establishes a subject’s place in royalty or intelligence. A viewer feels a sense of trust in the color. This could be that blue serves to display responsibility and relaxation. It is a reliable color. Blue is a color everyone can depend on. Artists who paint with blue tones want the viewers to know this subject is something that is trustworthy and dependable.

​Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness. Any yellow spotted in a painting displays a scene of utter bliss. The color is freeing. Yellow emits a joy in the work, and no one can help but smile when it is there. The brightness in the color pulls focus like red does. The attention is not a bold sign, but rather a pleasant wave letting people know it’s there. 

After reading this guide of the meanings behind primary colors in art, art collectors touring Miami art galleries have expanded their knowledge and are understanding to the hidden layers in an artist’s color choice. Luckily those art collectors can rely on Americas Collection to further explain these color definitions and can accurately comprehend what the collector is searching for in an emotional piece.