The Most Exquisite Art for Your Home and Where to Get It

The era of the billion-dollar painting is inevitable as the art market shows no signs of slowing down. Art has become an essential component in modern homes as more interior designers and influencers popularize having a unique art gallery at home. Priceless and remarkable art lifts your space, creates inspiration and sprinkles joy from around the world. You can source your art from numerous places, but trusted art galleries in Coral Gables will give you one of a kind pieces that will brighten up your space and speak volumes in terms of elegance and style.

If you are not sure about the kind of art that will work for your space, read on for insight on some of the countries that produce artists whose pieces and style is worth your living space.

    1. Colombian art: Colombia has one of the richest art histories dating back 3500 years and covering a wide range of media. Colombian artists are masters in different styles such as Spanish Baroque devotional paintings and Quimbaya gold craft that you can find readily in any art gallery Miami FL. A renowned Colombian artist is Fernando Botero. During the colonial period, Colombian art was mostly ecclesiastical based mainly on mannerist, renaissance and medieval style. Colombian art, however, starts having a distinct point of view in the 1950s and has continued to be one of the most celebrated and treasured paintings in the world.
    2. Cuban art: Cuba is a diverse island full of exceptional culture derived from Africa, South America, European and North American culture and their art is no different. After embracing European modernism in the 20th century, Cuban artists have seen tremendous growth in their art, which mostly comprise of a mixed modern artistic genre. One of the most famous Cuban artists is Federico Beltran Masses who was known for his seductive portrayal of women in these Cuban art paintings. In the 19th century, Cuban paintings were dominated by landscapes and classism.
    3. Latin America, in general: Art in Latin America has part of its roots in many different pre-Columbian cultures. Each culture developed sophisticated art which was mostly influenced by spiritual concerns and religion. The blending of cultures from different parts of the world, however, resulted in unique paintings from some of the most famous painters.

How to Acquire Art, Properly

The best way to find a broad selection of Latin American Art pieces in a single place is to contact an art gallery in Miami FL. Once you identify a piece you are interested in, you will need to to find out the price, mode of payment and how long it will take to have your fine art delivered to your home. Taking an art walk as you sample what different galleries have to offer is the best way to see available styles.

Taking part in an art auction is also a great way to get your hands on a stunning art piece. Many art galleries will announce when they will hold an auction, so keep checking their websites, so you don’t miss out. If a piece is highly valued, you the competition might be tight, so go prepared to battle and win.

Checking out online sales is also a great way to spot a gem that will spruce up your home. If you are in luck, you may find someone selling off art that has been in their family for ages that will look great in your gallery.

Getting your art from an art gallery in Miami FL is the best way to make sure that you are getting something genuine, priceless and for your home.