Art Dealer

The Foundations of Your Dream Art Dealer

Navigating through the world of fine art is easy, if you have a magical map to point you in the right direction to the exact gallery and the exact art piece. Sounds simple, right? Sadly, there is no enchanting map to steer you down the path you want to go to fulfill your mission of growing your art collection. There may not be a map, but there is someone who is just as miraculous: an art dealer. Art dealers are similar to mystical creations in that some are true to their word and some reveal themselves as nothing more than inauthentic distractions. There is no doubt in searching for your ideal art dealer, whether be in Miami or all over the globe, seems like a trivial quest. When you know what to look for in your dream art dealer, then the challenge becomes not as difficult.

A Source of Knowledge

​As much as you hope art collecting to be as obvious as opening a spellbound text to all the knowledge of art in the universe, that is not realistic. However, art dealers possess grand amounts of information that will be useful on your journey. The information they hold varies from the history of certain artworks, old and new artistic styles, artists, art galleries, and more. Such with any profession, you prefer someone who knows what they are talking about.

A Translator and Communicator

​Knowledge is powerful asset when you know how to use it. Top art dealers are capable of effectively communicating to whoever their client is. If you are a beginner collector, they can talk you through the process. A communication channel between you and the art dealer will develop where you discuss what kinds of art you like, your plans for your collection, your budget, and so on. Since you are first time collector, the art dealer works as your translator to help you decipher the art language. If you are a regular collector then your art dealer will maintain that level of communication and keep you informed of any works they know will be excellent additions to your collection.

A Guide and Advisor

​Getting lost in the art world is a normal occurrence and happens more than some care to admit. Remember there is no map in this industry. Yet good art dealers hold the same power. You want an art dealer who guides through the winding turns to the pieces that best match what you are searching for. An honest art dealer does not steer you towards a piece for their own benefit. Instead they point you to a multitude of directions and each one ending with a piece they confirm will have the highest value to you. When you find yourself at a crossroad and you have no clue which artwork to add to your collection, the art dealer can speak to you about the decision and give you mutually beneficial advise. 

An Organizer of Prints 

​You want your art dealer to be ready when you are. In a case where you contact an art dealer to tell them about your artistic tastes, you would rather have that art dealer be prepared to offer you an array of prints from a diverse collection. You think this should be a regular part of an art dealer’s job, but this reveals a great deal about who the art dealer is. The variety in an art dealer’s collection uncovers their experience and their ability to appeal to all artistic tastes. Be wary of the art dealers with prints suspiciously similar to one another. 

A Collector Themselves

​What better way for an art dealer to display their experience than their personal collection. Art dealers aid others in their pursuits to their perfect art collection. They also are collectors themselves. Over time, they use their knowledge and expertise to build their personal collection. An art dealer’s collection reflects who they are as an art dealer. Are the pieces of the same art movement? Is there an assortment of artists or only from one artist? Do the artworks price exceedingly high or incredulously low? These are questions to note in the back of your mind if you are to see and art dealers collection.

​An art dealer is a combination of several jobs into one profession. When you search for your dream art dealer, you must remember to take into account all of these portions. The art world contains several persons who you may not be able to trust with your collection. You can be searching for your first painting or deciding to broaden your already esteemed collection to new artistic tastes. The art dealer you believe is only present in your imagination or in a fantasy world does exist, and they are there to stand by your side on your artistic adventure.