Original Artwork

Original Artwork: The Appeal and Value to Collectors

When it comes to buying art as an investment, there’s no surpassing the appeal and value of purchasing original artworks for both introductory and serious collectors. Here are a few reason originals are so prized in the art world.

What Constitutes Original Art?

In short, originals are pieces of art that are one-of-a-kind as opposed to reproductions or limited prints that are mass produced on some level. Hence, original works are more expensive than reproductions—even limited edition prints with smaller batch runs.

Why Art Collectors Prize Original Artworks

There are many reasons collectors and designers seek out original pieces when possible, but here are a few of the most important.

1. Their Scarcity: One-of-a-kind means that a piece is just a rare as and unusual as human beings and Mother Nature’s most exclusive creations. When hundreds or thousands of a work are available, they become common and less unique which depreciates their potential value to increase.

2. More Passion and Love Go Into Originals: Collectors who appreciate the intensive labor and energy to go into originals are willing to pay extra. Some artists spend many days, months or even years to complete a work, and art lovers understand they need to pay living wages for these masterpieces.

3. Higher Quality Results: In mass produced lines, quite a bit of the quality can be lost, as works tend to lose their texture and layering effects. Artists tend to strive for perfection, and those results can typically only be retained through an original piece of art.

4. There’s a Story in One-of-a-kind Art: When buying from a gallery or a private artists, you’ll have a story to tell about the experience and perhaps learn  more about the inspiration behind the piece. This makes for much better conversation starters than a print that 1000s of people have on display

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