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Latin American Artists Leave Their Mark

Great Latin American artists have inspired up and coming painters since the earliest part of the 20th Century. Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, and others not only broke barriers with their personal style but showed remarkable perseverance in bringing their brand of art to the world. The following are some Latin American artists who leave an indelible mark upon the art world, and in the hearts of art lovers worldwide. The works of the pioneering painters, as well as brand new painters, feature prominently in a fine art gallery in Coral Gables, where those who love art can get a stunning view of the painters’ vision.

Diego Rivera

Rivera was born into a well-to-do family and was able to pursue his art education with fervor. He began to experiment with Cubism, inspired by Pablo Picasso. Later, however, he shifted toward Post-Impressionism, experimenting with vivid colors so prominent in his work. When his style changed, his painting began to attract widespread attention.

Frida Kahlo

Following a bus accident in her youth, Kahlo was unable to walk for three months. During that time, she learned to paint to quell her boredom. Her mother provided a specially made easel for her so she could paint while bedridden. Most of the paintings of this era were self-portraits, as that was a subject she said she knew best. European artists such as Botticelli heavily influenced this early work. Following her marriage to Diego Rivera, her painting style changed and began to be noticed. She and her husband traveled to American, and she began a productive period in her professional life.

Fernando Toledo

Fernando Toledo art can be seen in a fine art gallery in Coral Gables. Hailing from Cuba, his work focuses on nostalgia, solitude, or individual freedom. He sees his work as pure and illuminated. Toledo’s work is an expression of sacred beauty, and the human and divine.

Mauricio Contreas

Mauricio Contreras-Paredes, is a young Guatemalan artist. Art by Mauricio Contreas can be found in the best art galleries that feature Latin American art. Contreas uses innovative materials to create abstract art, such as Plexiglas. His expression in his paintings and sculpture explore the variants of the refracted light. He uses an average of 20 patterns, looking at every possibility for the space in which he creates.

Painting is the most popular media found in collections globally with 83%, against drawings and paper works with 15%. No matter if your tastes tend toward paintings by the older masters, or if you’d rather peruse of the works of an up and coming artist, a fine art gallery in Coral Gables should be on your radar. Latin American art is vibrant, contemplative, and impressionistic. Prints of works by these artists make an interesting addition to a home or business and are sure to elicit conversation.