Expansive Composition II, Pablo Leonardo Martinez

How to Develop Your Taste When Walking Through an Art Gallery

When you are looking to buy art, it can be difficult to find those pieces that really speak to you. It all starts with developing your own personal taste so that you can make the type of choices that lead to fulfilling purchases. If you are just not sure how to start building your taste, then follow these simple tips below:

Figure out why a certain piece of art stands out to you

The best art gallery will give you a lot of different options to choose from as you develop your tastes in art. This is helpful for those who are not quite sure what to look for in a piece of art. As a good rule of thumb, you should just purchase whatever work of art stands out to you. It does not matter how popular or unpopular it is, and it does not even matter why you are drawn to it. Once you find such a piece, spend some time thinking about the different elements at play. When you analyze and consider the use of color, space, and composition, you can proceed into investigating why the piece stood out to you from all the other pieces in the gallery. Once you develop this habit, you will soon find that your personal artistic taste is growing.

Imagine a piece of art in your home

Regardless of your experience level in buying art, it is helpful to picture how a piece might look in your home. Even the best art gallery cannot give you a sense of how a work of art might feel once it is in your personal and intimate space at home. Take the time to decide how a piece of art makes you feel. Then imagine it being in an area of your home that you pass through every day. Does it remind you of a specific emotion or sensation? Does it inspire you, or produce a sense of discomfort? There are no wrong answers to such questions. However, it is important that you at least consider the effect the piece produces before you commit to making a purchase.

Try exploring a specific art movement

Getting specific and zooming in on art that comes from a certain movement, region, or area can yield excellent results for those who are looking to develop their taste. For example, Latin art and Latin painters present a rich history which may be a mystery to the average art enthusiast. As a matter of fact, Hispanic and Latino artists constitute only 2.8% of the artists whose work is displayed in prominent museums. By seeking out the work of Latin American artists such as Mauricio Contreras and Omar D Leon, you just might discover a whole movement of artwork that speaks to your personal taste.

Whether you are in the best art gallery you can find in the world, or a small local art gallery, developing your taste in artwork takes time. If you find work that you like, then pursue bringing more of it into your life. For prints by Latin American artists, fine art, and other contemporary works, get in touch with us today. We can help you to further define your personal sense of taste while also providing you with some excellent prints to enliven your space.