Environmental Art

Environmental Art and Prominent Artists in the Industry

Environmentalism Through Art

Many of today’s art collectors aspire to add pieces that make a statement to their private collections. Because the health of the planet has been a major awareness point for the last few years, concern for the environment has been the driving force behind the works of many amazing artists. While environmentalism has been the central theme of many art pieces in the past, we are entering an important chapter in history where the world is trying to undo the harm done to our home by past generations.

As a result, environmental art pieces are gaining popularity and art galleries all over the world are showing these influential pieces to art enthusiasts and the media alike. Many of these exhibits feature paintings, being that paintings are the most popular form of collected media, accounting for 83% of collections.

Among the names circulating environmental art, there are a few whose paintings would make a wonderful addition to the private collections of environmental art enthusiasts.

Diane Burko and Her Geological Pieces

Burko is not new to the art world, as she has been creating spellbinding landscape pieces for over four decades and has somewhat recently expanded to geological photography. The themes depicted in many of her pieces are related to climate change, which includes her glacial and volcanic imagery. Her work combines fine art with science in a way that encourages discussion about the state of our world and the potential for positive change.

Alan Sonfist and His Multi-Medium Eclectic Pieces

Sonfist, a New York artist, has displayed his concerns and passion for the world around him through a variety of mediums including painting, photography, sculpting, and drawing. He specializes in Land Art, which has strong ties to the Earth Day movement. Many of his art pieces display some elements of nature and the environment from which he draws inspiration. By combining nature and fine art, Sonfist’s creations are a powerful statement about environmental appreciation.

Agnes Denes, Among the Original Environmental Artists

Agnes Denes has been creating environmental works of art since the 1960s and because of this she is often deemed the “grandmother of early environmental art.” She is a multi-dimensional artist who expresses her Earthly passions through poetry, computer-generated imagery, full-scale environmental projects, and photography. Among her most famous artwork is Wheatfield, a Confrontation, which was an environmental project involving a 2-acre wheat field planted on a landfill plot not far from Wall Street.

While many of Denes’s art pieces are too large for a gallery, it’s fortunate that she has created several drawn and written works of art from which prints are available. Denes’s work is a staple of environmental artistry even to this day. In fact, her work was recently featured in an exhibition just last year at The Shed in New York.

Environmental Art as a Statement

Art has always appealed to humanity in its ability to awaken the senses and display complex concepts in a single scene. Because the world is becoming more and more aware of humankind’s impact on the planet, the art pieces that focus on this theme added to private collections can make a gallery more dynamic and sophisticated.