Are You Prepared for the Responsibilities that Come with Investing in Art?

You could argue successfully that when you purchase art, you become a caretaker rather than an owner. As such, it becomes your responsibility to preserve the beauty and the integrity of the art for future generations. Investing in art is no passing fad. According to the 2019 annual report by Art Basel and UBS Global Art, worldwide art sales surpassed $67 billion last year. As the world economy has become less stable in 2020, that number should only increase. However, what is involved with being a good caretaker of the art you invest in? We invite you to consider the following:

1. Display your art where it will sustain minimal damage

It’s not unusual for people to hang valuable art in direct sunlight or where the piece will get bombarded with debris from a frequently-opened window. We’ve even read of cases where people have hang valuable oil paintings in the bathroom!

2. Store your art carefully if not displaying it

If you are storing your art and not displaying it, keeping an even, cool temperature with low humidity is key. While rolling a canvas and sealing it with shrink wrap is a good way to reserve it, be careful not to set any other objects where they will crease or “squash” your artwork.

3. Choose your restorer carefully

An amateur cleaning or restoration can leave your art more damaged than it was before you took it to the restorer.

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